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How to Curl Short Hair

Woman with short brown hair and TYME curls
You may have shown up here because you are trying to learn how to curl short hair with a flat iron or maybe you’re wondering what’s the best curling iron for short hair?

There are a variety of different ways you can curl short hair. In this post we’ll specifically cover these methods why we feel the TYME Iron is the best tool for the task at hand.

A lot of people use a flat iron, a curling iron, or a wand to curl. You’re in luck, because the TYME Iron, gives you the best of both worlds in one tool! No annoying attachments required. In this article, we will show you some techniques for how to get loose and soft curls on short hair as well as spiral curls, messy curls, and anything in between.

If you are able to put a key in the ignition of a car and turn on the car, you will be able to use this tool to create the style you’ve been searching for.

How to Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron

Many people may use a flat iron to curl their hair simply because it’s what they have. The TYME Iron technique was based off the idea of how to use a flat iron to curl, but is designed to work on all hair types and lengths, including hair that is only an inch long! Since this technique is based on the heating and cooling of your hair, these curls are designed to take you less than half the time it would take to curl with a traditional flat iron or curling iron and the curls will last you days. Some of our customers’ styles last them 7+ days! Only washing and styling our hair once a week? Sign us up!

For all of these styles, prep hair with a thermal protectant such as Upstaged, and if it’s easier for you to clip your hair up in sections, feel free to do so!

Creating Beach Curls on Short Hair with a TYME Iron Instead of a Curling Iron

  1. With the iron at a 45-degree angle, take 1” - 1 ½” vertical sections
  2. Brush each section before curling for a smoother finish
  3. Don’t focus on the underneath pieces :)
  4. Start rotating the iron at the roots for more volume and move the iron up and out and slightly forward
  5. Use a very slight rotation in the bangs for a softer curl
  6. Break up curls by massaging through hair
  7. Finger comb into place and touch up any pieces that need it (if you like your ends to look more beachy and unfinished, simply run the flat iron side of the iron over the ends)
  8. Finish with SelfieTYME Hairspray!

Tip: For messy curls on short hair, try alternating the direction of the curls and add BigTYME for more volume and texture!

Curling Iron Tips & Tricks Based on Hair Type

Thick Hair Tips:
  • Travel a little slower down the hair strand with the iron for thicker hair
  • You may need to use a higher heat setting for thicker hair
  • You may want to take smaller sections for more defined curls

Fine Hair Tips:
  • The hair will heat up faster on fine hair, so you can travel a little faster down the hair strand than you would for thicker hair
  • For fine hair, use a lower heat setting, especially if your hair is bleached or chemically processed

Creating Soft Curls on Short Hair with a TYME Iron Instead of a Curling Iron

  1. Start with a vertical section (the larger the section, the bigger the wave)
  2. For more volume at the roots, start rotating iron at scalp area
  3. Direct the iron up and out while drawing down the ends
  4. For shorter, face-framing pieces, brush section forward, hold iron at 45-degree angle, and start a little farther down the hair strand using just a slight rotation for a softer wave
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