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How to Maintain a Sunny Disposition Despite Stressors

jacynda smiling and throwing her hands up in the air
Jacynda was asked recently during Facebook Live how she maintains a sunny disposition despite all her stressors. Here is what she had to say…

Stressors are only stressors if you allow them to be! If you notice, there is one thing that I love that I learned through what I call becoming a couch wife to a CEO. It is that your perspective on everything is what makes every decision in your day. So if I look at a situation, no matter what, it has no meaning to me until I give it meaning. So that means I am the biggest influence in my life. I’ve actually had an interview where they’ve asked me, “Who is the biggest influence in your life?” And I said, “Myself,” because you make one thousand decisions in a day. There is absolutely no way that there can be another person that is a bigger influence than you.

If you add your perspective and think of it as “this is my perspective every single day,” with every single decision, YOU are the only one that can give yourself the sunny disposition. The thing that you have to realize is that every single time you react, it's your choice to react in that way.

I have this funny story, and I’m going to cuss because I think it's important to do this for effect. My friend was going through a divorce and had all this stuff going on and I basically put it to her like this, “Look, your ex could literally throw shit on your face. Literally throw it on your face. You can have a reaction where you go ‘ok’ and you just get rid of it, and it's gone! That ends that, and you have all the power in that moment. OR you could throw it back. They could throw it back and it could turn into this huge flight and literally it could go to the extreme of somebody dying. Because in a fight you never know what happens, right? But your perspective on it and your choice in that moment is what sets the tone for what happens after that.”

It could be THAT different with every decision you make in the day if you think about it like that. So imagine, make your perspective “sunny” whenever you can, like that sunny disposition. :) Make sure that you are cognizant of those choices that you are making and how they affect other people...but none of them will affect anyone else in the way that they affect yourself and how you look at yourself and deal with yourself. Because after that moment when you make that decision you have to deal with the consequences of it always. Make sure you are proud of yourself in that moment, whatever it is. Whatever they’re throwing at you, you can do it. I’m not saying it will always be easy, but you can do it!

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