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Meet the Limitless Potential

Meet the Limitless Potential

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While searching for the core products to make your hair care routine easier and faster, we discovered something life-changing: Limitless Universal Spray.

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We've designed a wonder product by prioritizing max hydration and combining the hold of an everyday gel or mousse.

"People spend so much time, energy, and money trying to find the right combination of products that work for them and their hair needs," TYME CEO Jacynda Smith said. "I cannot even begin to tell you how many half-used bottles I had in my cabinet that only addressed one hair challenge AND had competing fragrances."

Limitless Universal Spray started as what we thought would be a high-performing thermal protectant, but after various trials, we discovered it is capable of so much more. Limitless functions as and can replace your:

Thermal Protectant 

a blonde woman models her freshly curled hair

Mousse and Gel

a woman with dark curly hair uses a diffuser to blow dry her hair


a blonde woman uses a blowdryer brush to style her bangs

Shine Spray 

a brunette woman shows off her long shiny hair


a brunette woman models her freshly curled hair

Air Dry Spray

A woman with pink highlights sprays Limitless Universal Spray in her hair as an air dry spray

Limitless is a wet and dry-use product designed to take you from one wash day to the next. Users can apply Limitless on toweled dried hair before blowdrying and after blowdrying to lock in moisture or prep hair for additional heat use. On non-wash days users are encouraged to use Limitless to revive curls, refine smoothed hair, or add an extra dose of moisture to their ends.

"As a stylist, I wanted a product that gave you the ability to control your hair without weighing it down. Something that could be used for different purposes and would work for all hair types while keeping the hair healthy and moisturized," Jacynda said. "Whether I'm on day one or day seven of my style, Limitless is always my go-to product."

Limitless Universal Spray, a shimmering gold liquid, swirls in a clear and white packaged bottle against a white background.

Limitless is intended to be shaken before use to reveal a golden liquid. The formula is best applied when sprayed into the user's hands, spread evenly, or directly applied to hair. The amount of Limitless each user needs to create their desired look will vary based on hair texture, body, and length.

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To see a full tutorial and read more about Limitless Universal Spray, head to this page.

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