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Update Your Routine: 4 Fall Hair Care Tips

Update Your Routine: 4 Fall Hair Care Tips

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How we treat our hair changes with the season. In the summer, we typically wear our hair up more. In the winter, we wear hats and fight off static. So how we care for our hair should change, too. But how we change our routines should be rooted in our hair health rather than just how it looks (but if we’re being honest, healthy hair always looks good).

“Embrace the change that comes with the seasons. You may need to change your wash cycle or add an extra finishing step. Your body and hair will let you know where it needs special attention. Listen to it.” - Jacynda Smith, TYME CEO.

As temperatures start to drop, your hair’s cuticle needs extra attention. This is our easy go-to guide for fall hair care.

Blonde woman gets her hair washed at a salon.

Start at the Root

Summer is typically harsh on our hair as we’re constantly pulling our hair up and out of our faces. Let’s give back to our scalps this fall with these tips:

#1 Scalp Stimulation

Just like exercising, the more you move and focus on specific areas of the body, the stronger they get. Your scalp becomes healthier, and your hair becomes stronger with more stimulation. Using a shampoo brush in the shower is a great way to start the process, but even as simple as gently raking your brush over your scalp while brushing can make a huge difference in your overall hair health. Add this step before you shower to break up dead cells, and let them wash away!

#2 Facial Treatment

Ok, this may seem odd, but our scalp acts nearly the same as our facial skin does. If your face is too try, your skin will overproduce oil to try and hydrate it. On the opposite end, if it’s too hydrated, your skin will stop producing oil to try and balance itself out. In the Fall and Winter, your scalp may produce more oil than usual. This is 100% normal! Your scalp is trying to compensate for moisture that cooler weather typically soaks up. While it may be frustrating, a simple adjustment to your wash cycle may do the trick!

#3 Move It* On Up

* your shampoo and conditioner

Unlike most hair care brands, TYME products are formulated to nourish everything from your fragile ends to your fresh roots. The Pregame Shampoo is a gentle foaming formula that washes away unnecessary oils while keeping your hair’s natural oils intact. The real shocker? Even our Showoff Conditioner’s formula is gentle and nourishing to your scalp. Bringing the moisture-locking product up to the scalp protects the new hair cuticle for stronger, healthier-looking hair.

Brunette woman dries her hair with a blow dryer brush.

Perfect Your Blow Dry

Whether you’re reaching for a blowdryer brush or a traditional hair dryer, having a blowout as part of your hair care routine can make a massive difference in your hair. The downward force of the air against your hair strands actually works to close your hair’s follicle making it less susceptible to the weather. Each time you blow dry your hair after washing, you give your hair strands a stronger exterior and lock in moisture.

The perfect blowdry looks a little different for everyone. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when blowdrying:

  • Your hair should look shiny when you’re done, not dull.
  • Your hair should NOT be hot to the touch. If it is, opt for a lower temperature setting.
  • Dry your roots first. This section of your hair is thicker and needs more time to dry than your ends.

Brunette woman models her long straight hair.

Protect Your Ends

Lucky for you (our TYME fanatics;), this is EASY. Our wonder product and go-to for everything, Upstaged, paired with the rejuvenating ingredients in TYMELESS Repair and Shine Spray, will be your best friends throughout fall and winter.

Outside of your typical Upstaged uses, add an extra pump or two to your hands and apply to your ends after styling. This extra dose of moisture and protection will keep them looking fresh.

Keep up (or add in) your TYMELESS after styling. TYMELESS is packed with vitamins and proteins to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. When your hair is hydrated, it performs its best and is less affected by static and frizz.

The Post-Hat Refresh

Ok, this is *unconventional*, but we swear it works. Brush all of your hair forward over your face, a little bit at a time, until all of your hair is completely at the front, then brush it all back into its typical place. This little life hack will give you more volume and lift off the scalp while providing some much-needed scalp stimulation.

Keep your hair healthy and thriving with this Fall Hair Care guide.

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