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New Ways To Support Small Businesses (Even When Your Budget is Tight)

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The wake of the global pandemic has been a beautiful thing. We’re seeing people functioning as a more true version of themselves. We’ve watched local businesses flourish from a newfound appreciation and commitment to our communities. Most importantly, we can all hug each other again!

While the post COVID world is looking brighter and we’re seeing things a bit more clear, there’s one aspect we’re just not loving...some small businesses just can’t keep up. Ad budgets are growing while terms and restrictions are changing on nearly a daily basis. It’s a lot to keep up with.

We’re shifting our focus on thanking our supporters and putting some tyme (wink) and power back into the hands of the businesses who are working to change lives every single day. After all, you’re the reason we’re doing what we do anyway.

Here are our THREE fool-proof ways to help support small businesses even when spending isn’t an option:

#1: Be Social on Social Media!

We’re putting a new spin on the phrase “if you see something, say something.” Social media algorithms LOVE interaction and while a “like” still does wonders, all small businesses want to hear from you! Drop them a comment if you love what you see and start that dialogue. There’s a real person on the other end responding and we’re willing to bet it will put an extra pep in their step that day.

  • Like their posts
  • Leave a comment. Even a “heart” makes a difference
  • Share their posts to your story or timeline, or pin it!

#2: Shout It from the Rooftops!

We’re over “best-kept secrets.” SHARE THE SAUCE! If there is a product or place you absolutely love, tell people about it! Not only can you impact the person you’re speaking to or the people who see your post on social media, but you’re letting that business know how much you love their products. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome!

  • Share a picture or video of how you use their product!
  • Write a product review on their website
  • Leave a Google Rating
  • Tag a friend

#3: Use this Discount HACK, if You’re Strapped for Cash

Nearly every small business utilizes an email platform. We have all seen the pop-ups and you probably have an email account dedicated to JUST those emails. What you may not know is that emails are most small businesses ’ way of getting you information about sales and discounts! So next time you’re online shopping, check those emails!

The power you have to change lives is greater than you might think. Each team member of a small business is affected by your interaction with their company. Small businesses need and love your support!

So to put our money where our mouths are, here are a few of the small brands we’re obsessing over right now:

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