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Creating The Perfect Morning Routine With CEO Jacynda Smith

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There are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to routines, especially morning routines. While there are some “influencers” and “fitness gurus” who might claim they have the best morning routine, which really is just a regimented schedule that fits into their is quite simply just not true.

None of our days look exactly the same (ok, moms, we see you, just keep reading!), and frankly trying to adhere to a strict schedule is kind of setting yourself up for failure. We’re in the business of adding wins to your day, not L’s. Our CEO, Jacynda Smith, put together a few tips to help you beat the system and develop a perfect morning routine of your OWN.

#1 - Follow Your Excitement.

“Follow your excitement to the best of your ability with no insistence on the outcome.” - Bashar, Darryl Anka

This quote is number one for a reason. Of course, there are things in life that we don’t love doing...taking out the garbage, changing a dirty diaper, pumping gas, etc., but there are tasks that we love that we can put a focus on. We all get the same 24 hours in a day, so why not take one or maybe a handful to do the things we actually enjoy?

Ok moms, we still see you! We know your schedule is pretty much full and that if you did have an extra hour in the day, somehow it still wouldn’t be for you. Our proposition? Start including your babes in those little moments that you love. Not only will it give you a relief to start doing the things you love again, but can start the building blocks of a life-long that task for your child, too!

#1a - Find the things you don’t like doing in your schedule.

Sometimes this can be an easier first step. Don’t get us wrong, finding the good first is always the preferred step, but sometimes taking a step or two out can make a big difference. Not only are you creating the time and space to start doing the things you love, but it may even help you discover new things you love.

#2 - Every day does NOT have to look the same.

Mondays may be your long-haul days and Tuesdays may be hot yoga. Preparing for each of your days shouldn’t look the same, because your days don’t hold the same activities. Let’s be realistic, having the same schedule every single day is NOT fun. Are you a robot? We didn’t think so.

Setting strict, mundane parameters to your day eventually is going to wear on you, but maybe you need a little structure to your mornings to really get your day started. We applaud you for recognizing that and encourage you to find the little moments you love. Use them to romanticize your mornings and have better starts to each day.

counter top with tyme products to get ready in the morning

#3 - S.I.M.P.L.I.F.Y.

Again, easier said than done. We know. BUT, there are little things you can do throughout the day to make things a little smoother.

Need to grab food for dinner? Take five minutes and order those items online for pick up at your local grocery store.

Spending too much on drive-thru coffee? Hit up Youtube and find out how to automatically start your coffee pot in the morning.

Hate getting ready in the morning? Invest in some products that make you feel put together, but only take a fraction of the time. For instance hair products formulated so you can wash your hair less AND your styles last longer….like TYME! ;)

Once you have identified your #1a items, find a way to make them easier. Marie Kondo your routine, girl!

#4 - Give yourself a daily treat.

We’re not talking cookies here. (But cookies are always welcome!) Whether we’re moms or badass CEOs or both, there is something we all love doing, something that fills our cup every day. For me, it's mediation. I love following Matías de Stefano’s guided meditations to combat the overwhelming nature of today’s world. It is so easy to get swallowed in the turbulence of social media and everything going on in the world, that getting the chance to be centered with myself is so strong. It helps me remember that I am enough.

Your treat doesn’t have to be meditation or food or some flamboyant task every day. Even the small things that you love like going for a solo walk or reading a book while everyone else is watching TV or even playing your favorite album from when you were 15 while cleaning today’s mess can make a huge difference in your outlook. It's all about falling in love with your life and where you’re at. We know it’s cheesy, but romanticizing the little things in life, really does add a base level of happiness to your everyday.

#5 - Give yourself space to learn and grow.

Read that again.

You can plan every single second of your day and somewhere along the way something isn’t going to go as planned. Give yourself structure, but don’t forget to allow yourself wiggle room to explore and try new things. You deserve it. The world is changing so quickly that we must remember to take time to appreciate what is here and now before it's gone.

You are the master of your morning routine. You know what goes into a morning that makes your day good or challenging, so only you can curate a perfect daily routine.

You got this!

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