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Eight Do It Yourself Bridal Hairstyles That Every Bride Will Love

Eight Do It Yourself Bridal Hairstyles That Every Bride Will Love

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With in-person events happening again, this year’s event season is jam-packed with weddings, homecomings, reunions, and parties of all kinds. We’re loving our full schedules but figuring out how to get ready for all of these events, let alone what to wear, is an entirely different story.

We’ve been scouring the internet for different ways to style your hair for your wedding day, and because we always love a thrifty moment, we found the best wedding hairstyles you can do at home!


You can never go wrong with an up-do! They flatter any formal wear and can give you a slight relief in that long-lasting summer heat. There are a few essential tools you’ll want around when attempting to create any of these looks; bobby pins, small elastic hair ties, and BigTYME.

The Polished Low-Bun

A low bun is a perfect way to style your hair for your wedding! This perfectly classy look is suitable for a five-star hotel gala or even just a courthouse wedding. Add a touch of volume to this look by teasing the under layers of the bun and smooth the top layer, creating an elevated look.

The Braided Bun

Do it yourself hairstyles, like this braided bun, are great to learn for special events, but we also LOVE keeping them in our back pocket for those “maybe we should have washed our hair yesterday” days.

The Voluptuous Pony

A high, voluminous ponytail is the perfect combination of practical and chic. Elevated ponytails are the ideal hairstyle for the sporty bride. Let’s be honest; if there is a dance floor, we’re probably going to bust a move on it. Keeping your hair off your neck will help prevent some excess sweat. ;)

The Lowkey Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are a fantastic way to complement a 60s or 70s inspired wedding! A glamorous hairpin or hair wrap is the perfect accessories to dress up these low-maintenance braids.

Curls For Days

Figuring out how to wear your hair on your wedding day can be stressful, but we LOVE this pro tip: Wear an elevated version of your everyday look. Applying this hack to your hairstyle will have you feeling your best in any pictures from your wedding day, meaning you’ll love all of them! Here are our favorite looks and how to create them with the TYME Iron.

Beach Waves

Big Waves

Creating these big beachy waves is an absolute breeze. This look is perfect for when you spent a little too much time on your makeup and need to get out the door quickly. A few tricks to making the curls BIG are:

  • Grab a thin section of hair that is just long enough to take up the bulk of your iron plates.
  • Once your hair is in the plates, rotate your knuckles to the back wall creating a big curve.
  • Angle your iron at nearly a horizontal angle.

Barely-there waves

While these beachy waves take a little more time to create, they are genuinely flattering in any setting. Here are the fool-proof tricks to making these waves fall perfectly:

  • Grab small sections of hair that take up less than half of your iron plate.
  • When curling, rotate your knuckles to face away from you but not toward the back of the room.
  • Curl with your iron angled in between a vertical angle and a 45-degree angle.

For a proper beachy wave look, finish each of these curls by drawing your iron toward the floor at a vertical angle. The ends will come out slightly more straight than the rest of your hair, giving you fresh out-of-the-water vibes. Don’t forget SelfieTYME hairspray to lock in all your hard work.

Glamour Waves

Glamour waves are those unicorn curls. These curls are perfect for every bride with short hair, medium hair, long hair, really just any type of hair. While creating the look takes a little time, and we definitely suggest doing a trial run before just jumping in on your big day, this style is so worth it.

The Blowout

Trust us, we love a TLC salon moment, but mastering your at-home blowout can change your life and will definitely make you feel like a top-notch bride. Grab your BlowTYME hairdryer, a round brush, and BigTYME, and prepare to feel like the glamorous DIY bride that you are.

You can do this! We believe in you, you beautiful bride!

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