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The Complete List of 2023 Hair Trends: Cuts, Colors + Styles

The Complete List of 2023 Hair Trends: Cuts, Colors + Styles

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We spent hours scouring all the latest articles and TikTok predictors for the 2023 trends, so you didn't have to! If you're looking for a little something different or a bold move into a completely new aesthetic, this is your article to start with.

What are you waiting for? Start sifting through the predicted 2023 hair trends based on cut, color, and styles!

The Cuts

Layered Cuts + Blendable Fringe

Shags have made a massive return, but for people looking for something milder, a heavily layered cut (also see the butterfly cut or c-cut) is the "cool aunt" version. Al a carte, a blendable fringe for a playful style that you make wild, chill, or high class. Layered cuts are at the top of the list for their flexibility. They're flattering on short, mid-length, or long hair and hold their own personality with minimal styling.

two women with blonde hair walk outdoors in the sunshine


"Claire, it's french."
In our research (aka scrolling our favorite publications), we came across ALL TYPES of Bobs. Everything from a proper french-inspired bob to an edgy crop made it on the lists. If you're considering a big chop, we recommend sitting down with your stylist for a consultation first! They know your hair best and can recommend stellar options for your hair type and face shape.

90's Midi Cut

We're still in awe that Jennifer Aniston has made this cut so iconic that it is still making waves 30 years later. Of course, we're looking to put a new millennia spin on it with curtain bangs and one of the recent color trends below.


Four different decades are making a comeback, but we're pretty excited about the 90's looks that are reappearing, especially the Bixie cut. We love the playful messiness of a Bixie cut, and we're incredibly excited to try out some new looks on this cut with the TYME Iron Air. If you're looking for inspiration, we suggest starting with Wynonna Rider and Florence Pugh!

a woman with a dark brunette curly afro fixes her hair in the mirror.

Short Afros

This cut made nearly every list we looked through! Short afros are the best of both worlds, high fashion aesthetic while being low maintenance. Peak through the colors sections for a few fun ways to spice this cut up!

The Colors

a woman with red hair fixes her hair in the mirror


Reds and Auburns are likely the TOP 2023 trend. Whether people are pulling inspiration from the new Little Mermaid, Paramore's re-emergence, or simply just loving it, there is no denying the copper trend is booming.

A woman with brunette hair models her hairstyle

Dimensional Brunette

Don't be fooled by the plethora of names for this trend. Dimensional brunettes are IN! We keep seeing the title 'expensive brunette,' and we don't want that to stray you from potentially your best hair ever. Dimensional doesn't have to be expensive and doesn't have to be high maintenance!

Warm Blondes

People are straying from the high-maintenance platinum looks (which will always be in style, don't get us wrong) and opting for a warmer blonde. Honey bronde (seriously, Google it. It is gorgeous) and Uptown Blonde prove that brassier blondes are making a comeback!

Pastel Pink

We are obsessed with the range this color trend has. Your cute grandma wants a fun twist on her perm? Pastel Pink. Your niece wants to feel like the coolest kid in 2nd grade? Pastel Pink! Do you want to feel slightly rebellious while still having a feminine touch? Pastel Pink!

The Styles

Natural Curls

We're seeing a massive shift from styles created with heat tools to heatless styles. Natural curls are the only style we've seen that last more than one day. If your hair needs a little TLC, let your natural curls or waves have a moment. Keep it heatless with a diffuser that has an on/off cool shot option.

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a woman with dark brown hair fixes her curls in the mirror

Bouncy, Voluminous Curls

Influencer aesthetics have hit the masses, and having a polished look(see the following trend) is IN right now. Shiny classic curls are taking over for lived-in beach waves. We're big fans of keeping our look index flexible, so don't completely stray from the lived-in looks, but make a point to add this style to the Rolodex.


a blonde woman models her freshly blown out hair

Polished Blowout

Blowdryer brushes took over the hair industry in 2022, and we're here for it. Gone are the stressful wash days that either took you way too long or left you feeling not quite like the baddie you are. Products like the BlowBrush are making it easier than ever to feel polished on day one. If you've hesitated to jump on the trend, this is your sign to DO IT!

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Hair Artistry

This is one we're incredibly excited about! It's clear (even from this article) that people are so focused on polishing their looks that they've strayed from the fun that comes with styling. Fun doesn't equal messy. Fun hairstyles make you look and make you curious. Have fun testing your styling skills and make art with your hair!

Wet Look

We've seen this look on runways and red carpets, but major publications also expect it to hit the general masses! Stay on the lookout for our tutorial, but expect to create a hair care cocktail of Limitless Universal Spray, TYMELESS Repair and Shine Spray, and SelfieTYME Hairspray to make it last.

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Sculptural Braids

An offshoot of hair artistry(see above), sculptural braids and braids, in general, are making their way into everyday looks. Brush up on your skills while watching TV. You want to avoid catching yourself in a pinch, remembering which piece goes where.

Barbie Pony

In large part to the upcoming 2023 release, we're getting the vibe that this is more Margot Robbie-influenced than Ariana. Either way, a silky smooth high pony should be on your list of go-to's for 2023.

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a woman with auburn hair models her freshly curled locks

Utah Curls

You're either going to love it or hate it. We LOVE it! Utah curls are a new twist on beach waves that give a whole new meaning to low maintenance.


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