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TYME Tutorial: Styling Utah Curls

TYME Tutorial: Styling Utah Curls

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One of TikTok’s latest hair trends has taken over our feeds: Utah Curls! This style is a fun new take on beach waves, but we’re seeing one major problem with all the tutorials we’ve seen so far…this look is taking way too long to create. 

So we took on the styling challenge and did it in only 13 minutes. Here’s the rundown. 

Tools for this look: 


Prep Work

As always, prep your hair for heat styling with a strong thermal protectant like Limitless Universal Spray. This wonder product will give you ample heat protection while working as a texturizer with medium hold. 

For a faster styling experience, we recommend running your iron through the ends of your hair for a straighter look. Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of the overall style; your ends don’t need to stick straight! 


Creating a Utah Curl: 

Two significant differences set Utah Curls apart from Beach Waves: 

#1 The Ends 

Utah Curls leave a larger chuck or even the majority of hair straight.


#2 The Width of the curl

If we were to create Beach Waves with the TYME Iron Pro, we would keep our iron at a vertical angle, but for Utah Curls, we suggest keeping your iron at a 45-degree angle. 


Start your Utah Curls with smaller vertical sections. Curl as if you were going to create a typical 45-degree angle curl, but gently release the iron’s pressure on your hair to leave out your ends. This gentle pressure release will prevent a sharp crease from curl to straight ends. Vary where you start and release your curls for a more lived-in look. 


For short hair: 
     Aim to release your curl around your ear.

For medium lengths:
     Aim to release your curl around your chin.

For long hair:
     Aim to release your curl around your shoulder.


PSA For Curly Hair!
We repeat: Don’t let perfectionism get in the way of the overall style, though. Your ends don’t need to be stick straight! Lucky for you, the TYME Iron Pro smooths as it curls! To get the quintessential Utah Curl, we do suggest quickly running through your hair to straighten it, focusing on the bottom half of your hair!

Finishing the Style

Don’t overthink it! Utah Curls are a fun, lived-in look. You want this look to feel effortless and playful. Finish the style by running your paddle brush through all of your hair. Add a generous amount of Limitless Universal Spray to your hands to refine your ends and scrunch up into the curled areas. 


Ensure your Utah Curls make it to day two with a spritz of SelfieTYME Hairspray after styling! Since these curls already look “imperfect,” they look great on day two, too. Use an extra spray or two of Limitless to revive the curls. 

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