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TYME CEO Stopped Creating More: The Limitless Story.

TYME CEO Stopped Creating More: The Limitless Story.

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When TYME CEO Jacynda Smith saw the impacts of what the TYME Iron Pro could do, she knew there had to be more to the story. Women across the United States were all experiencing life-changing results with the same single product…how far could Jacynda push that concept?

Let's start with the short version of how the TYME Iron Pro came to be (trust me, it will bring us full circle). Jacynda started her journey in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist. After years of women claiming they couldn't replicate the styles they were leaving the salon with and years of Jacynda trying to teach them, she thought of a better solution: the TYME Iron. By taking the fundamentals of a flat iron, re-inventing how the plates met, and adding a lip to help guide the hair, Jacynda created something more than just an easy-to-use iron. She made an iron that replaced five different styling tools. 

Shortly after launching, women quickly realized the TYME Iron's genius. Emails were flooding in asking for more products. So, Jacynda went back to the drawing board. 

"After the iron launched, so many people asked for a thermal protectant, and there wasn't one I loved enough to recommend," Jacynda said. "So I made one." 

Thinking back to her time behind the chair, Jacynda kept sifting through the questions her clients would ask: 

"Is there a hair spray that won't leave my hair feeling crunchy?"
"Which one of these will help me get the most volume?"
"I want to smooth my flyaways. Do you have a spray for that?"

"In the salon, I had so many people constantly looking for THE product for each little hair concern. Nothing was covering all the bases," Jacynda said. "I wanted to simplify and see how much I could put into one product." 

By taking that core idea of "one-size-fits-all," Jacynda started looking at the ingredients shared commonly among all the big hair care products. The core four components she found make the base for today's Limitless Universal Spray. 

  • Baobab Tree Extract 
    A multifunctional protein that targets the key signs of aging, helps repair damage, increases hair strength, protects hair from UV damage, moisturizes dry hair, and nourishes strands from root to tip.
  • Honeyquat
    Penetrates the hair to provide long-lasting moisture. Other benefits include a clean, conditioned feeling and enhanced shine and luster due to its smoothing properties.
  • Panthenol 
    Panthenol aids in scalp moisturization and the promotion of natural keratinization. It penetrates hair to regulate moisture and decrease damage and brittleness.
  • Guar
    Derived from a plant source that provides conditioning properties to the hair leaving it smooth and manageable. Enhances wet/dry compatibility while imparting shine and a soft, smooth feel to the hair.


By putting these ingredients together, Jacynda created a product that proved to do more than just heat protection. Limitless Universal Spray - initially launched in 2017 as "Upstaged Thermal Protectant" - does so much more than a thermal protectant. Today nearly 10,000 customers use Limitless as their 

  • Texturizer
  • Mousse
  • Gel 
  • Detangler 
  • Air Dry Spray 
  • Shine Spray 
  • + Thermal Protectant. 

a white hair care bottle sits in sand with callouts that read thermal protectant, texturizer, air dry spray, mousse and gel, detangler, and shine spray

That initial jump of creating an easier-to-use iron led to a product that did the work of five different irons. By using that same approach of making something better, something that did more than just one job, Jacynda Smith turned the idea of hair care into an easy, accessible task for everyone. 

"I am all about simplifying my life where I can. People spend so much time, energy, and money trying to find the right combination of products that work for them and their hair needs. I cannot even begin to tell you how many half-used bottles I had in my cabinet that only addressed one hair challenge and had competing fragrances that didn't go together. As a stylist, I wanted a product that gave you the ability to control your hair without weighing it down, could be used for different purposes, and would work for all hair types while keeping the hair healthy and moisturized. Whether I'm on day one or day seven of my style, Limitless is always my go-to product."

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