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When we say, “Forget everything you know about curling,” we mean it! If you’re used to using hairspray or oil before curling with your previous tools, that is now a thing of the past! For best results, apply a lightweight thermal protectant, and that’s it!

How many heat settings does the iron have?
The TYME Iron has five heat settings: 300º, 325º, 350º, 375º, and 400ºF

How long does a TYME iron take to heat up?
The TYME Iron Pro's titanium plates take only 55 seconds to heat up.

Does the iron have an automatic shutoff feature?
Yes, but only after 30 minutes of non-use :)

What type of heat plates does the iron have?
We chose Titanium plates as our material–and for good reason! Titanium is a lightweight, low-density lustrous metal that offers high-temperature stability. Compared to ceramic, Titanium can heat up much faster, within seconds, while distributing the heat evenly. It also has a higher ionic charge that makes hair straight and sleek while smoothly gliding over the hair strands. This means fewer passes over your hair, which equals less time and less damage!

How do you clean your TYME iron pro?
Product build-up is normal and easily comes off with just a damp microfiber cloth! If you haven’t cleaned it in a long time and there’s a good bit of build-up, you may consider using a bit of rubbing alcohol for a deep clean, but it is not necessary for normal wear and build-up!

Is my iron damaged because it has scratches on the Titanium plates now?
It’s important to note that Titanium scratches pretty easily, but this does NOT mean your iron is damaged. It does not affect the functionality or performance of the iron at all. So no worries if you see little scratches appear!

How do I get my curls to last?
You should expect your TYME Iron curls to last you days, not hours! If your curls aren't lasting long enough, there are a couple of tips to help get more life out of your style:

  • Make sure you are curling at a slow speed with loose tension. Slowing down gives the hair more time to heat and more time to cool, giving each curl a better set!
  • Evaluate your foundational products. Do your shampoo and conditioner weigh your hair down? Does your thermal protectant contain oils? All of these factors will affect your hair's performance and the longevity of your curls. Using heavy or oily products before curling will only weigh down your curls, so we recommend only applying a lightweight thermal protectant. No other products are needed except a lightweight hairspray after you are finished curling to lock in the style.
  • Check your temperature setting. If your hair is thick or naturally curly, you may need to go up a heat setting to set your curls better.
  • Avoid “raking” or brushing out your curls before they feel cool to the touch. Where hair cools is where it stays!

Can I use the Tyme iron if I’m left handed?
Long story short, yes you can! That being said, we suggest trying to curl with the right handed method first. 90% of our left handed customers prefer the right handed technique! Check out this playlist for more guidance!

Is the iron dual voltage?
Yes! The voltage is 110-120v and 220-240v. They will work in both the North American environment as well as the EU and those places that draw 220-240 from the outlet. The only additional thing needed would be an adaptor so the plug will fit the outlet. We also sell irons that already have the plug for EU/UK!

Where do I place the iron to start?
Since you are starting at the top of the hair strand with the TYME Iron curling technique, we recommend pulling your section slightly forward towards the mirror. This allows you to get right up at the root with the iron (don’t be scared to go all the way to the scalp, since there is a barrier on the curling side of the iron!) From there, rotate the iron back right away before you start sliding down the hair strand. The more you rotate back, the more curl you will achieve!

How do I get my curls to match?
This iron listens to you as well as a computer! That being said, making sure you’re mirroring your angle, rotation, and direction on both sides is key to getting your curls to match.
Pro Tip: If you create a curl that you love on one side, draw a line with a dry erase marker or lipstick on the mirror that reflects where your iron was when you were curling. Then, draw a line that connects at the top of the first line, creating the look of a triangle without the bottom line. Use this line for curling on the other side of your head. Match your iron up to these lines every time you curl until you get the hang of it!

Are TYME irons worth it?
Yes! If you break it down from a cost perspective, TYME Irons are one of the most cost-efficient styling tools on the market. The cheapest curling irons and straighteners cost at least $20. By buying every curling iron that matched the capabilities of the TYME Iron Pro, you would reach the cost of the iron. The longevity of the cheaper irons would have you spending that same dollar amount continuously throughout the years, while the TYME Iron is made with quality components and assembly that is built to last!

Does the TYME iron pro work on both short and long hair?
Yes, and yes! With this iron, you start at the top of the section instead of the bottom, so when your length drops out is when your curl will end! You just need about an inch in length to be able to use the iron.

Does it work on thick hair?
Yes! For thick hair, you might need to section off your hair to curl it and might need a higher heat setting than those with thin, fine hair.

Does it work on fine hair?
Yes! For fine hair, you might want to use a lower heat setting and make sure you are using less tension when gliding through the hair.

Does it work on naturally curly hair?
Absolutely. The best part? The TYME Iron smooths as it curls, so there is no need to straighten before curling.

What makes the TYME iron pro so different?
The TYME Iron was built with the twist in the tool, so you don’t have to twist as much with your wrist. With a slight turn of your wrist, you are able to create any type of curl, from a loose beachy wave to a tight ringlet. Flip the iron over, and it’s a straightener! This design allows your hair to curl faster, and the style will last longer due to the heating and cooling effects from the shape and technique.

What is the difference between the TYME iron pro and a flat iron?
With the TYME iron, you can create any straight, wavy, or curly look you want. Essentially, it is like having 5+ tools in one tool. You can achieve a BIG difference in the curl or wave you get with just slight wrist and arm adjustments.

Can you use the TYME iron pro on extensions?
If your extensions can handle general heat from a flat iron then they should be fine, but you should refer to their extension manufacturer instructions in regards to if you can apply heat. Our TYME Iron Pro has an adjustable heat option ranging from 300ºF to 400ºF.

How long does a TYME iron last?
The TYME Iron Pro is manufactured with the best components to make it last 5+ years!

Is the TYME iron good for hair?
The TYME Iron Pro is shifting toward more efficient heat styling, meaning less heat exposure. Styles with the TYME Iron last for days, giving your hair a well-deserved break from heat exposure on those "already styled" days.

Is TYME iron sold in stores?
The TYME Iron is only available on our website and Amazon.

Who makes the TYME iron?
The TYME Iron was designed and patented by the original owner, Jacynda Smith. As a cosmetologist, Jacynda consistently heard that women couldn't create the styles they wanted at home. The TYME Iron was her solution to that problem.

Is TYME a good product?
We're biased, but yes! Since 2014, the TYME Iron has been transforming women's lives (especially morning routines). Don't just take our word for it, though. Read the reviews here.

What is similar to the TYME iron?
While a few companies tried to replicate the structure of the TYME Iron with "twist and curl" irons, the power and function of these irons don't quite match up to the TYME Iron.

How do you use a twist and curl iron?
Twist and Curl irons put the rotation and curl creation in the plates, while the TYME Iron Pro prioritizes first the rotation process, flash heating, and the cooling process.

What is the easiest tool to curl hair?
The patented design of the TYME Iron Pro puts the twist of curling right into the iron. Curling hair only takes a simple, easy flick of the wrist.

What is the best curling iron for beach waves?
The easiest beach waves are created with the TYME Iron Pro. Whether you're looking to create defined beach waves with smaller sections or effortless beach waves with big sections, the TYME Iron Pro can do it all.

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