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TYME Tutorials: Ocean Waves

TYME Tutorials: Ocean Waves

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Move-over stamp and repeat barrel wavers. We took on the challenge of creating these organic beach waves with the TYME Iron Pro and TYME Iron Air - and we’re obsessed with the results. 



Tools for this look: 


Prep Work

Thermal protection is always a must! Add a healthy dose of Limitless Universal Spray before styling and brush it through the length of your hair for even protection. Keep your bottle of Limitless nearby after prepping. You’ll use it again! ;) 


a dark purple button with white text that reads shop limitless


This Ocean Waves hairstyle is best created on fully detangled hair, so take an extra minute to make sure your mane is ready! 

Creating an Ocean Wave 

Unlike most TYME Iron tutorials, we started this three-barrel-inspired with our bottom layers of hair and worked our way up. Traditionally we style small vertical sections of hair, but found it easier to create our desired look with horizontal sections. You don’t have to section off your hair, but if it makes learning this style easier, grab your Uplift Bands and section away! 

Notice the straightening side of the TYME Iron Pro? The one with open plates? This is the side you will be using to create Ocean Waves. Your thumb should remain behind the power button, but you’ll hold the iron at a horizontal angle. 


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The Rocking Motion 

Similar to the Rocker Waves hairstyle, you create triple barrel waves (or Ocean Waves, as we like to call them) by moving the iron back and forth as you travel down the section of hair. To create these big waves, make a significant turn toward and away from you. Use your bottom pieces as a practice section to nail down the technique. 

a video demonstrating the rocking motion needed to create three-barrel inspired waves with the tyme iron pro


#1 The rocking motion should be fluid and happen at the same time you’re traveling down the hair. 

#2 Unlike traditional wavers, the TYME Irons let you control the size of your wave. Change the amount you’re rotating toward and away from yourself to change the size of your waves. 

Once you’ve worked your way up, we suggest finishing your face-framing pieces with a soft bend. Use the TYME Iron Pro in the traditional curling grip and just barely rotate your wrist as you push toward your mirror.

Common Mistake: 
Don’t pause or squeeze too hard when rocking your iron! This can create creases in your hair. The rocking motion should be fluid. 


Finishing the Style 

Grab that bottle of Limitless Universal Spray you left out, and let’s put its mousse capabilities to work! Spray a healthy dose of Limitless in your palms, then rub your hands together until you feel the formula start to get sticky. Once it is sticky, gently scrunch Limitless into your hair for a more texture for a lived-in look. Limitless will help lock in your style, so no hair spray is needed, but always welcome ;) 

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