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Healthy Hair, Happy Spring: Tips to Fight Frizz

Healthy Hair, Happy Spring: Tips to Fight Frizz

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“Embrace the change that comes with the seasons. You may need to change your wash cycle or add an extra finishing step. Your body and hair will let you know where it needs special attention.

Listen to it.”
- TYME CEO, Jacynda Smith

Like all routines, how we care for our hair evolves with the seasons. Spring brings on wetter weather which can significantly affect your styles throughout the day. We’re celebrating the boost in hydration and fighting off frizz with these few choice products and styles.

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Care for Your Hair

With frequent rain showers in full effect, keeping a consistent routine is tricky. While our instincts may be to reach for the blowdryer or opt for an updo. We have a few tricks to keep your hair feeling and looking its best.

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MAX Hydration

Here’s the thing:
Hydrated hair holds.
Hydrated hair looks healthy.
Hydrated hair always performs.

Work with the extra moisture in the air to nail down your optimal hydration level for your hair. Your conditioner may need to sit an additional few minutes in the shower, or you may need to wash less than you think. But your hair is as unique as your personality. You are the only person who can help your hair look and feel its best.

Track your hair’s hydration with these two MAJOR factors between washes:

#1 What does your hair look like? Is it shiny or dull?

Shiny hair is hydrated hair! If your hair looks dull after drying, there are two areas where you may need to change your routine:

- Your Wash
Make sure your hair is getting ample amounts of hydration in the shower! We suggest really working your shampoo in to ensure your hair is truly clean and ready to take on the hydration of your conditioner. Squeeze excess water out of your hair before applying the conditioner. Let the conditioner soak into your strands for five minutes.

- Your Dry
Our #1 blow-drying hack is to spend 80% of your time drying at the root. This section of your hair takes much longer to dry than the rest, and prioritizing this section can prevent drying out your ends. At the end of your blow-dry, your hair should feel cool to the touch and shine! Don’t worry too much if you over-dry. Spritz in some TYMELESS to add a protective layer, and try again next time!

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#2 How does your hair feel?
Generally speaking, the width and texture of your hair should feel the same at the root and the ends. Your ends will feel slightly different since that hair is older. If your ends feel wire-y or frayed, consider which step of your hair care routine brings that on? Is it right after washing? Immediately after drying? Or after repeated heat styling? Adjust your routine to keep your hair healthy. Incorporating dusting cuts into your salon journey can help you reach your hair goals while keeping your locks fresh!

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Fighting Frizz

Frizz is your hair’s way of trying to grab onto every water molecule in the air. (imagine Spongebob in Sandy’s tank) If your hair is hydrated, frizz shouldn’t be an issue! See our hydration tips in the section above and reach for TYMELESS Repair and Shine Spray. This powerful product packs in a ton of vitamins and proteins to protect your hair and nourish it from the inside out.

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Damage Control

With wet weather constantly in the mix, Spring brings on more styling sessions than other seasons. Be mindful of how much heat you apply to your hair and whether your blow-drying sessions set you up for longer-lasting hair. (Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.) Here are a few trusted tips to prevent damage throughout Spring:

Trends to try 



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