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The Painless Way To Grow Out Layers, Length, and Bangs

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Okay. So, you’ve been growing out that cut that you once loved but are now over. You’ve patiently (eh, kinda) tried different ways to wear it, style it and deal with it and even though you say, every few weeks, that you’re going to cut it, you haven’t.

You have, however, been getting trims, faithfully, every few months to minimize split ends and coax the growth into the style and length you want. When leaving your stylist you feel as if you’ve lost a few months of growth and that this cut will never grow out. Or, maybe you like your length but are over your layers or bangs. What to do...

When Growing Out a Cut

Micro Trims

While trims are great for removing more obvious damage on your ends, your stylist will more than likely cut some of the length of your current style for a neater, more finished look. Micro-trims are "mini" trims that you can get if you are trying to remove damage from your ends without removing a lot of length. These trims are typically done more frequently than regular trims.

Stimulate Your Scalp

Remember the old tale of brushing your hair 100 times before bed? They were actually on to something. Stimulating your scalp is a trick as old as time to help hair grow and distribute your natural scalp oils that promote healthy locks. To do this, use a brush that conforms to your scalp, allowing for a maximum scalp massaging experience!

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Dusting Cut

Your stylist should focus on specific areas that may be more brittle than others, no matter where on the hair strand they appear. Split ends can pop out anywhere – with any length, thickness or style. Stylists can snip flyaways, those annoying strands that stick out, despite how much product you use or how much you style, redirect or flat iron.

Using this method will help hair appear healthier and the overall length remains untouched.

When Growing Out Layers

TYME Iron: Hiding Your Layers Hack

One of our favorite things about the TYME Iron is that it is SO customizable to the styles you are trying to achieve. The curling method allows you to curl from top to bottom on the hair strand, so you are able to actually hide your layers if you want. This is because when curling from top to bottom, your layers will smooth and curl in with the full length of the hair strand. Instead of separating out your layers before you start curling, just let them stay in the section and BOOM! Hiding layers like a pro.

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Growing out layered hair, or "chemically cut" shorter strands can feel very confusing and slow unless you know how to properly maintain your hair's health. Typically, trimming the length of your hair but not touching the internal layers is the most straight forward way to allow those shorter layers to even out with the rest of your length.

That being said, make sure that those layered or shorter strands are not becoming dry or damaged on the ends. If they are, they may split and take longer to grow or seem like they aren't growing at all. This is especially important to consider if you are growing out a bad layered hair cut, and are trying to grow out the layers as quickly as possible. Sometimes getting micro-trims on only your layered pieces is necessary to maintain the strength to grow into one length! Dusting Cuts can help here too.

How Long Does It Take Layers To Grow Out?

In general, hair grows about a half-inch a month. You can get an idea of how long it will take your layers to grow out if you measure the length from your shortest layered piece to the longest piece of hair. That being said, the more damage the layered pieces are the longer they will take to grow. Applying dusting cuts and micro trims into your routine will help this transition move as quickly as possible! If you are trying to grow out short layers and are willing to part with your overall length getting a few inches removed can shorten the time frame for you as well.

When Growing Out Bangs



The key here is MOISTURE! If you are over-styling or drying your bangs to help hide them, chances are they are lacking moisture. Play with trendy pins, clips, and headbands to style without overusing heat.

To sum it up, the drier hair is, at any length, the longer it will take to grow. Taking care of your hair's health is the best way to make sure the grow out doesn't take any longer than it needs to! Keep that in mind; the “end” of that growing out phase might be sooner than you think!


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