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The Painless Way To Grow Out Layers, Length, and Bangs

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Okay. So, you've been growing out a haircut that you once loved but are now over. You've tried different ways to wear, style, and deal with it, but even though you say every few weeks that you will cut it, you haven't yet.


After leaving your stylist, you may feel like you've lost a few months of growth and that your new haircut will never grow out. Or, you like your length but are tired of your layers or bangs. What should you do?

Growing out short hair, layered hair, or "chemically cut" shorter strands can feel confusing and slow unless you know how to maintain your hair's health properly. On average, hair grows about ¼ to ½ half an inch per month. To speed up the transition, consider these tips: 

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How to grow out your hair

Growing out your hair takes time. Plain and simple, you can support that growth by caring for your body, scalp, and ends for faster, healthier results. 

How do you care for your scalp when growing out your hair?

Remember the old tale of brushing your hair 100 times before bed? They were actually on to something. Stimulating your scalp is a trick as old as time to help hair grow and distribute your natural scalp oils that promote healthy locks. Try massaging your scalp with your hands to relieve any tension while you're watching your favorite show! 

Remember: A relaxed scalp is a healthy scalp.

In the shower…Reach for a shampoo brush to work in your shampoo and conditioner while gently stimulating your hair follicles. Try to avoid using your fingernails to lather your product in. 

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On dry hair…Use a brush that conforms to your scalp! A soft, cushion base to your brush allows the bristles to adapt and conform to your scalp allowing for an incredible scalp massage experience. 

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How to grow out layers and bangs

How can you keep your ends healthy when growing out layers?

Micro Trims + Dusting Cuts 

While trims are great for removing obvious damage on your ends, your stylist will likely cut some of the length of your current style for a neater, more finished look. Micro-trims, on the other hand, are "mini" trims that allow you to remove damage from your ends without losing a lot of length. These trims require more frequent trips than regular trims.


Dusting cuts are less common but have a huge pay-off! During dusting cuts, your stylist will focus on specific areas of your hair that may be more brittle or prone to damage, like your ends and face-framing pieces. Since split ends can pop out anywhere, not just the very bottom of your hair, dusting cuts snip away split ends, flyways, and damaged strands. 


Avoiding excess hair damage 

To sum up, the drier your hair is, regardless of length, the more challenging it will be to grow. Taking care of your hair's health is the best way to ensure the grow-out process is as quick as possible. 

Reach for hydrating styling products to aid in your everyday routines. Products like Limitless Universal Spray are packed with hydration-focused ingredients that will give you essential hold and plump your hair strands. Keeping your hair hydrated and protected is a simple and effective way to prevent damage. 


Keep space for a hair mask in your hair care routine. We're adamant about only washing your hair 1-2x per week, so to keep your reaching for that longer wash cycle goal, we suggest using a dry leave-in mask like TYMELESS Repair and Shine Spray. 

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How to style your hair when growing out your layers

Hiding your layers hack

Curling with tools like the TYME Iron Pro and TYME Iron Air makes hiding layers so easy. Instead of parting your hair with each layer as its own section to curl, part your hair down the center - or your part - and curl from front to back. By curling 1-2-inch vertical sections, you're allowing your layers to smooth and curl with the entire length of the hair strand. 

Another easy way to hide or seamlessly blend layers is to draw your curls down. Instead of keeping your iron at a horizontal or rooftop angle near the ends, slowly transition the iron to a vertical angle. BOOM! Hiding layers like a pro.

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Get Trendy

Avoid overusing heat to wrangle your layers and bangs, and start playing! Some of our favorite updos are the result of trying to hide layers. Don't be afraid to get creative with trendy pins, claw clips, and headbands to keep you feeling put together, all while keeping your hair healthy!

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