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How to Make Your Curls Last for Days

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Are you struggling to get your curls to last??

You’ve nailed down the perfect style, so how do you make it last for days? Some of the most challenging times to save your curls are the two S’s...sleeping and showering.

Sleeping Tips

One of the main places that curls fall flat are in the bedroom. The following recommendations will show you how to keep curls overnight without hairspray whether they’re natural curls or from your curling iron.
  1. If you have long hair, one way to help your curls last is to pull your hair loosely to the top of your head and secure lightly with a scrunchie.
  2. For any hair length, split your hair down the middle in the back and fan it out to the sides for sleeping. This works best if you’re a back-sleeper :)
  3. A satin pillowcase causes less friction on the hair and will keep it more smooth and less ruffled.

Shower Tips
  1. When washing your hair, setting up the proper foundation with the right hair products can make all the difference! If your products are too heavy, that will affect how long your curls last. Pregame Shampoo is designed to be lightweight so it won’t weigh down your curls while still cleaning and nourishing your locks.

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  2. On days you’re not washing your hair use an Uplift Band to pull your hair up to the top of your head to prevent your curls from getting wet.

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  3. You may also want to wear a shower cap if your hair is shorter or you have a hard time keeping your hair dry in the shower.
  4. Skip Conditioner: We often see that the recommendation to get a curl to hold better is to skip conditioner because it can weigh your hair down. We’ve solved that issue by creating a conditioner that works for you, not against you. When you skip conditioner all together it can work against you and your hair. You want products that work for you by keeping your hair hydrated. Then it will shine, be healthy and full of life.

Post Shower Tips
  1. If you washed your hair Limitless Universal Spray works to not only protect your hair from the heat but it helps your curls last longer as well!

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  2. Apply your makeup before letting the hair down. When you’re finished with your makeup, if you haven’t washed your hair, brush through your hair with your fingers or a brush and re-shape the curls into place.
  3. Touch up the curls if necessary, but most of the time if you let your hair sit for a bit, you will be surprised at how it falls naturally back into the style you created the day before!
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Fact or Flop?

Advice we've always heard but maybe isn't always true.
  1. Waiting a day or two to curl your hair:
    An old-school way of thinking is to curl on dirty hair to get your curls last longer, which means not curling on hair wash day. If we lived this way, a bride couldn’t have fresh hair on her wedding day, or a senior on prom night. We believe your products should perform for you, so you can have fresh hair on your big days. Using The Power Couple, you will be able to curl on hair wash day and know your curls will last days!
  2. Making tighter curls:
    With the TYME Iron, you should feel confident in creating the style you are going for without having to make your curls tighter than you want in fear that your curls won’t last long enough. By traveling down the hair strand at a slow, steady pace you are heating and cooling the curl into place with the curve of the iron, which will allow any type of curl to last for days! Gone are the days of starting with Shirley Temple curls in the morning to have beach waves by night.
  3. Increasing your curling iron temperature:
    Do you have to increase your curling iron temperature to positively impact how long your curls last? Typically, the hotter the iron the longer the curls last, but there is no black and white answer to this. You can turn up the heat, but in some cases you are risking the integrity or health of your hair. If your curls aren’t lasting as long as they should you can try turning up the heat, but know that if your hair doesn’t look shiny after you curl, you may have the heat too high. Try curling at a slow, steady pace before you turn up the heat, and see if that works for your hair needs!
  4. Holding your curls in your palm to cool down your curls:
    Have you ever wondered why people hold their curl in the palm of their hand? Allowing your curls to cool before brushing or running your fingers through them will set your curl and make it last as long as possible. After curling a section of your hair, allow the curl to form into place. We recommend shaping the curl into place while it cools. Where hair cools is where it stays, so instead of standing there holding each curl individually, just set it and forget it! ;)

Curling tips for curls that LAST

We often get a lot of questions about how to make curls last longer without hairspray and while we love our hairspray, it isn’t necessary to keep your hair curly all day (but it does help!).

When using the TYME Iron Pro, once you have a section of hair, make sure it’s flat and fanned out like a sheet of paper to evenly heat your section. Proper heating and cooling makes a big difference...Big. HUGE!

Most of the time how long your curls last is a result of the speed you are traveling down the hair strand with your iron. If you go too fast, you’ll get a looser curl that doesn’t hold as long. Traveling too fast can also create frizz. If this happens to you, try to slow down your speed enough to allow the hair strand to evenly heat and cool into a curl.

Your curls should be lasting throughout the day at the VERY least and most people have curls lasting for several days...which is more than we can say for some relationships, but that’s another topic ;)

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More TYME Iron Pro Tips

If you are using the TYME Iron Pro, keep in mind that the more you rotate, the tighter your curls will be.

Once you get the curl, let it cool into place before tugging or brushing through. Where your hair cools is where it will stay!

Spray your hair with hairspray if desired. Of course, we’re all about SelfieTYME Hairspray. If you like a stiffer hold, spray and leave alone, but if you like a softer, more touchable look and feel, let the hairspray dry and then brush through.

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SelfieTYME contains memory resins so you can feel confident brushing through your hair knowing it will stay in shape! If the curls look too relaxed after brushing them, you can re-twirl them into shape. Just remember to twirl the hair in the direction you curled it!

If humidity is an issue where you live, our knight in shining, *smooth* armor is TYMELESS. It's packed with vitamins and proteins to help keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Hydration is everything (and we mean everything) when it comes to your hair's health. When your hair is hydrated, it's less affected by...

A. Humidity
B. Static
C. Frizz
D. All of the Above

...How did you guess? ;)

Anyway, you'll be addicted after one spray.

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Details About the TYME Iron Pro

We don’t have to tell you that you’ll obsess over the waves and straight styles the TYME Iron Pro creates. Any style is a matter of minutes away...guaranteed! 5-10 minutes will give you curls that last for days (or until you wash your hair again, which for us here at TYME is around once a week) :)

The TYME Iron Pro includes multiple heat settings for any hair type plus an automatic shutoff, so no mid-work day panic about leaving on your iron. It features professional titanium plates that heat up in 55 seconds. Did we mention it's, like, super pretty, too? 😍;)

Remember that guarantee we were just talking about? We offer FREE one-on-one appointments with our virtual stylists who will teach you how to use your iron (or any of our products) and achieve the style you want in the comfort of your own home over a quick FaceTime or video chat. Schedule an appointment to get the perfect look for every occasion. Also, feel free to ask us all your hair health questions and concerns at the same TYME ;) This is included with your purchase, for life. Just call us your Fairy TYME Mothers.

We want you to love your TYME products, which is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (fees may apply, learn more here) and a 1-year warranty. And as a member of the TYME family, you'll always have access to our amazing customer support team. We just really cherish you and want you to have great hair, if you can’t tell.

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