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TYME's Dedication To Authentic Beauty

TYME's Dedication To Authentic Beauty

Our company’s focus is 50% on creating and finding more accessible solutions for your everyday and 50% on re-enforcing authentic beauty. While we’re positive our hair care line, revolutionary heat tools, and luxurious brushes are simple, effective tools, we have not been communicating our approach to real, authentic beauty quite enough.

We want to make sure you’re honoring the little girl who used to love looking in the mirror. The little girl that looked at the bathroom as a playground with makeup and hair tools as an opportunity to explore. The little girl that loved the way she looked.

You deserved it then and you definitely deserve it now.

For decades, we’ve all been sold the idea that silky smooth hair is the definition of beauty. We’re not buying in. Hair is as unique as the head it grows from. Hair looks different on everyone, and the results of products and tools look different, too. We are dedicated to showing our audience those results. We encourage you to join us on this journey to bringing a new standard of beauty to light.

#1 - We let true beauty shine.

Every TYME-produced video and image doesn’t get retouched. We don’t spend time photoshopping stray hairs and adding volume to hair that doesn’t exist. We’re showing you real people and how our products react with their hair.

#2 - We’re showing REAL results.

We’ve built a line of products designed to give you the number one key to gorgeous hair no matter your hair type…hydration. Hydrated hair is healthier, holds heat-treated styles better, and always looks shiny.

While we have a select few models who we regularly work with that we consider “TYME Iron Experts,” the rest have either been taught on-site or have participated in our HangTYME sessions, which are publicly available to everyone. We will always show you their real results.

#3 - We’re finding solutions, not adding more to your to-do list.

Trending aesthetics and hairstyles are constantly changing. Instead of adding a new tool to our catalog with every new trend, we’re showing you how to create those new looks with the tools you already have.

#4 - We’re keeping the conversation going.

Through our social channels and private Facebook group, Beauty Redefined, we are constantly engaging with our followers to not only make sure we’re best serving you, but to also share the incredible shift that happens when you’re able to stop worrying about what you look like and get to start focusing on how you feel.

Join us on this journey to authentic beauty and don’t buy into unrealistic beauty standards just because they’ve been sold to you.

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