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Calling All TYME Super Fans!

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We are incredibly excited to announce our brand new affiliate program. We are giving you - the real-life people who use our products - a chance to share them with your friends and family and get paid for it!

Every individual accepted into our program will receive their own unique TYME URLs that their friends and family can shop through. You will be able to create a unique link to whatever TYME product you want and make a percentage of each purchase made through your link! Unlike an ambassador program; you'll get paid for every purchase made through your link!

Whether you're excited about the incredible curls you have already mastered with the TYME Iron Pro or obsessing over Upstaged's seemingly magical uses, you can now shout it from the rooftops. We've been working hard to implement this program because we know that you, the everyday women who use our products to make their mornings go a little bit quicker, or maybe so they can keep up with the hustle of life, are the ones who make a difference in our company.

Thank you for all your hard work, the time you took learning our iron, and for all the women you've shared our brand with already.

Sign up and find all the juicy details here.

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