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5 Step "Lazy Girl" Hair Care Routine

Woman with dark hair using the TYME BlowBrush to style her wet hair

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There has never been a better time to be a "lazy girl." Social media is giving us constant access to daily life hacks, and none are lacking when it comes to beauty and fashion. With all the influencers out there trying and promoting new products, we barely even have to look anymore. So we're throwing ourselves out there (don't say we never tried;) as the ultimate hot girl/lazy girl hack.

If you're wondering how to make your hair look good with minimal effort, you've found yourself in the right place. There are ways to make the process a little quicker, a little easier, and last even longer, cutting your styling time in half! This is THE lazy girl hair care routine.

Meet the 'A Team'

TYME easy six-step hair care line.


Limitless Universal Spray
We call this liquid gold, and we mean it. This super-formula takes on the jobs of your thermal protectant, hair oil, masks, mousse, detangler, AND a texturizer. If you think it's too good to be true, we're about to change your life.

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BigTYME Root Lift Powder
Our spray powder gives sky-high lift, grip, and volume. It's the perfect product to elevate your face-framing pieces and provide an added boost to the crown of your head.

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SelfieTYME Hairspray
a.k.a. our secret ingredient in long-lasting styles. SelfieTYME Hairspray has copolymers, anti-humidifiers, and collagen to lock your styles in place while maintaining a brushable texture.

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TYMELESS Repair and Shine
When we were formulating our line, we wanted to take the same concept of "anti-aging" and apply it to hair care. Day in and day out, we expose our hair to heat and stressors; TYMELESS works to combat all those little moments of wear and tear. Using Baobab Tree Extract, TYMELESS works to thicken the hair cuticle, making it less susceptible to damage.

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The lazy girl's weekly hair care routine

*or wash day routine, depending on how often you wash*

Step One: Shampoo and Condition
Pro tip for all the lazy girls out there, brush your hair BEFORE you get in the shower to avoid the ever-dreaded drain clog. It is usual for strands to find their way to the bottom of the shower, but brushing beforehand makes it even easier.

Wash with a moisture-focused shampoo that is paraben-free. After lathering up, let your shampoo sit for a few minutes to work its magic. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze as much excess water out of your hair as possible, so your conditioner can truly do its job.

Pro-Tip: A well-conditioned scalp prevents your scalp from overproducing oil, allowing you to go longer between washes.

Step Two: Protect
While your hair is still 50% wet, apply your thermal protectant. It will then dry into your cuticles, protecting your hair for even longer and allowing your styles to last longer.

Step Three: Dry
Your method of drying is your method. If you're an air dryer, here are a few tips to get the most out of that experience. If you have curly hair and like to dry it with your diffuser, our BlowTYME Hair Dryer comes complete with both a diffuser and concentrator. But for the girlies who love a sleek blowout, we just saved you a TON of time with the BlowBrush.

Step Four: Protect Again
Whether it's been four days since you blow-dried your hair or you literally just got done, apply more thermal protectant to your hair. Think of it as sunscreen for your hair. Once that heat exposure happens, you have to keep re-applying. Thermal protectants like Limitless Universal Spray have mild styling agents that protect your hair during heat exposure and help lock those styles in, too.

Step Five: Style
Let us introduce you to the two ultimate lazy girl hacks: TYME Iron Pro and TYME Iron Air. These irons are designed to make your styling process faster and use technology to make those styles last longer. Find out which iron best suits your lifestyle here.

Lazy girl pro-tip: We're not judging our curls or messing with our curls until the very last strand is curled and cooled. Only then are we brushing through them and deciding which to touch up.

Additional Steps for when you're feeling a little *extra*
Now that your hair is fully curled, take time to do any touch-ups and make sure your hair is sitting just the way you like. Adding a touch of volume with a root lift powder like BigTYME can make a huge difference in how you feel about your look. BigTYME provides that subtle grip to keep face-framing pieces sitting exactly how we want them to.

Hairspray can be left entirely out of a hairstyle, or it can make a style. Buildable hairsprays like SelfieTYME can hold styles in place for days or serve as a touchable soft tool to calm stray hairs.

Pro Tip: Our entire TYME collection uses the same scent notes. Add a spritz of our hairspray on those questionable days to cover the fact that maybe you should have washed today. ;)

Lazy girls don't have time for multiple hair masks a week or haircuts every six weeks. So we created a product to help repair your hair after heat exposure.* TYMELESS is basically like an anti-aging serum for your hair. It works to build up the hair follicle, so it is less susceptible to heat damage and has more area to hold onto moisture.

*Can you tell that we're genuinely concerned about how much heat you apply to your hair?

Ideal Week of Lazy Girl Hairstyles

Wash Day + Dry Day

Rock your fresh blowout or bouncy natural curls.

Add a little life to your day two hair with a half-updo, or add a claw clip.

Style your hair today and take the five easy steps above to make them last.

Brush through last night's curls and use the twirling method to add a little life to your day two curls. Pop in a few "pick me up" curls if you need a little more wave.

Start your work week easy with an easy up-do that is complemented by the day three waves like a voluminous ponytail.

Opt for a minimalist bun to keep things casual until tomorrow's wash day.


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