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Vacation TYME: Travel Essentials for Great Hair, Everywhere

Vacation TYME: Travel Essentials for Great Hair, Everywhere

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We can't deny the romantic feeling of packing for a trip. Planning your outfits, looking at the weather, and daydreaming about what you will eat it's all too exciting. There's just one piece of travel planning we aren't big fans of - having to change or sacrifice your hair care routine. So we built products that kept our hair healthy and gorgeous, even on the road. Here's our list of hair travel essentials whether we're going on a weekend-er or a two-week holiday. 


The Iron

tyme iron pro in rose gold and aura held up to the sky

TYME Iron Pro 

This powerful all-in-one styling tool can create 6+ different curls and straightens. Don't waste your money on travel hot tools! The TYME Iron Pro's styling capabilities alone keep it at the top of our travel must-haves list, but its dual-voltage keeps our good hair days flowing even when there's a passport involved. Plus, the TYME Iron Pro tucks away in your carry-on or suitcase with the heat sleeve. 

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Want to compare the TYME Iron Pro and TYME Iron Air? Take this quiz. 


TYME blowbrush blow dryer brush and tyme iron air styling tool held up to the blue sky

Optional: The BlowBrush 

This two-in-one hair dryer and styling tool knocks out both tasks in one sitting. Meaning your fresh blowout doesn't have to infringe on your dinner plans. 

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The Brush 

tyme detangling hair brush goes on a vacation to a sandy beach

Detangler Brush 

Vacations are adventures that will surely get a little wind in your hair and a few tangles. The detangler brush is our vacation brush. We designed the detangler brush with faux-boar bristles and air vents, so you can use it on wet straight from the ocean without adding stress to your hair or scalp. 

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The Hair Tie

tyme uplift band hair ties palced on manifestation cards sit on a sandy beach

Uplift Bands 

We ditched the unsightly black hair tie on our wrist for Uplift Bands! These bracelet-worthy hair ties look good on your wrist and in your hair. At the same time, the non-tear, bubbled design keeps your hair in place without any uncomfortable tugging. 

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The Hair Care Products

tyme trial kit including four travel sized hair care products packaged in a clear plastic case to be packed for vacation

Trial Kit 

All of your hair care needs in one easy-to-use and pack kit. The TYME Trial Kit comes in its own travel case for easy packing. The kit includes TSA-approved shampoo and conditioner duo that prioritize hydration, a thermal protectant that replaces six other hair care products (read more about that below), and a touchable, buildable hairspray. 

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tyme limitless universal spray stands proudly in sun on a beach

Limitless Universal Spray

Keeping track of the weather and how your hair might react while on vacation is a CHORE. We like to keep our hair hydration consistent with Limitless Universal Spray. This all-in-one spray locks in moisture at every stage of your hair care routine so you can relax knowing your hair looks fabulous. 


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Tips for packing your hair care products: 

 - Wrap up your chords. It keeps things neat and organized. 

 - Keep your liquid products in a plastic bag in case of spills. Lucky for you, our TYME Trial Kit already comes in one!

 - Keep your TYME Iron Pro in the heat sleeve! 

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