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FrankenTYME: The Making Of The TYME Iron Pro

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Hairstylists around the world are constantly hearing clients ask, “How do I make my hair look like that?” These stylists spend tons of time explaining to the people in their chair the curling method, explaining the benefits of quality products, and how effective blowdrying really is. Yet, when clients come back for their next appointment, they still ask.

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Jacynda Smith, TYME CEO, couldn’t let that go. She wanted women to get that same boost of confidence they had when leaving the salon, on an everyday basis.

"I wanted people to be able to style their hair the way I was able to style it for them in the salon,” Smith said. “They either couldn’t use a flat iron to create curls or had trouble with curling irons.”

Smith’s experience with clients gave her just enough frustration and confidence that she decided to make a tool that would work for everyone. After a generous donation of styling tools from Capri Cosmetology School, the school where she earned her cosmetology license, Smith got to work.

"My goal was to help women create the styles they always wanted,” Smith said. “I felt there could be a better way and started working with my cousin.”

And thus, FrankenTYME was born! The first prototype in what would become the TYME Iron Pro was a concoction of different irons pieced and mended together. This stitched-together tool would become a revolutionary new styling tool. FrankenTYME combined the styling capabilities of four different barrel size curling irons and a straightener. Five tools all in one package.

original tyme iron pro

“By utilizing the science of “where the hair cools is where it stays”, the iron heats the hair between titanium plates for a faster heat transfer and then cools on the rounded shape of the iron,” Smith said. “This heat transfer process is also what makes TYME curls last longer than hair curled with a traditional iron.”

These capabilities would not only change the way women look at getting ready but declutter their lives. Their bathrooms, traveling experience, and even time dedicated to getting ready would completely change. No more cluttered drawers, cabinets, and suitcases - just one tool: the TYME iron!

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