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2020 Fall And Winter Hair Accessory Guide

woman in candy shop with hat and curls

We love exploring the new trends that pop up every season. Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, or hairstyles, getting to dive in and try new looks is always fun. Who doesn’t love playing dress-up?

2020 has served as a transformational year for fashion, so we’re embracing all things “luxury lounge” or our personal favorite “quarantine chic.” By taking the turn towards functional and eco-friendly fashion, we’re moving towards a more attainable definition of beauty that works for everyone from runway models to athletes and busy moms too!

We’ve scoured the edges of the internet to find the BEST late-fall/winter hair accessories to help you feel chic if you’re drinking wine on the couch or finally getting a chance to head out for a night on the town.


Bows are no longer reserved for the cheerleaders of the world. A strategically placed bow can elevate a quickly thrown together hairstyle! We’re opting for lower placements like on the backside of your messy bun or holding together your low ponytail this season. Using a headscarf to create your bow makes for a statement style while using sheer material will give you a soft, romantic look.

Bold Headbands

We LOVE this trend! Ever since Gucci started making statement headbands, the fashion world has been sticking to it. More and more brides are opting for a simpler hairstyle with a bold headband to give them an angelic look on the biggest day of their lives, while some women are using them to bring a bit more fashion into their day four or five hair.

Ponytails they never really went anywhere, BUT there are so many more options now! The textured pony of the early 2000s is back in action and the 90s sleek low pony is making a comeback amongst Gen Z. We especially love a slicked-back look with TONS of volume and texture and a fluffed-up, bubble pony!

Giant Scrunchies

Dear Scrunchies,

We’re so sorry we abandoned you for a decade or more. You’re really wonderful and make us feel fabulous. Thanks for being patient while we got our $h!+ together.

Love, Women everywhere.

Scrunchies have made a serious fashion comeback in the past few years and we’re here for it! Dramatically sized scrunchies are everything right now. They look boho chic on your wrist and even better in your hair.


HBO’s Euphoria took incredible risks with their style choices throughout the series and brought bold choices like hair jewels into the light. Their work has sparked a trend of women utilizing the style in unique ways. Bring out your inner diva with a trail of pearls leading to a ponytail, a trio of gems to make your straight look instantly fabulous, or go full out with a bold Cher-Esque veil. We believe in you!

Statement Clips

Bold clips are simply just fun! They bring a cute, flirty element to every hairstyle. They can be simply for a fashion statement. They can serve a purpose and clip your hair up and out of the way. There is literally no reason to not get on board with this trend!

Side Part

The middle part has stolen the show for the past few years, but side parts are making a comeback! We’re big fans of changing up your part, too! It’s a simple way look a little more fancy at your holiday party.

Fan-favorite: Hats

Fall/winter basically screams “cute hats.” Baseball hats. Wide brim hats. Berets. Beanies. You name it, it works! Plus it’s our favorite way to keep our day six or seven hair going!

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