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How To: Curling or Straightening on Someone Else Using the TYME Iron

TYME iron Pro in use

Curling on Someone Else with the TYME Iron Pro

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had ONE iron that could:

• Give short hair volume and lift
• Create beach waves
• Create tight, curly curls
• Smooth and straighten natural curl?

Well, guess what? It’s ALL possible with the TYME Iron! With TYME it makes life so much easier because you don’t need to pack or store a bunch of different heat tools. All of these looks can be created with this ONE iron. It also has a temperature variant to customize the heat setting for all hair types.

Here are some helpful tips for curling on someone else using the TYME Iron:

Step 1. Start with the proper grip on your iron. When you are curling someone else’s hair, you will want to place your pointer finger behind the power button. (You will want to keep your thumb under the “T” in TYME if using the original TYME Iron.)

Step 2. Brush through their hair and divide it into two sections splitting the hair down the middle at the back of their head.

Step 3. It helps to develop a pattern. For example, start in the back center and work your way forward.

Step 4. Use vertical sections. You want the section of hair you are working with to run in the same direction as the plates of the iron.

Step 5. Remember to keep the hair strand smooth and not twisted. If you keep the hair smooth, it will lay flat on the plates and make a smoother, evenly heated curl

Step 6. Glide the iron toward you to get your curl. The more you rotate the iron, the tighter the curl; the less you rotate the iron, the softer the curl.

Step 7. Curling Their Left Side To curl away from their face, come in from the top of the hair strand keeping the tip of the iron down and the cord up. To curl toward their face, come in from underneath the hair strand keeping the tip of the iron up and the cord down.

Remember! Where hair cools is where it stays! This is your chance to twirl and set your curl into place if necessary. Always twirl the curl in the direction you curled it.

Pro Tips:

If ends get too curly or tight, switch to the flat iron side and straighten out a bit.

To get curls at the top, go in with the iron as close to the top of the hair strand as possible and rotate right away.

For face-framing pieces, it looks more natural to come in with the iron lower down on the hair section.

To straighten: Hold iron horizontally to match direction of hair section.

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