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Your Guide To Styling Beach Waves and Curtain Bangs

young lady with dirty blonde hair showing off her beach waves

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Let's face it, beach waves are always in season, and we're hoping curtain bangs are here to stay!

Beach waves are the perfect curl to dress up casual and dress down black tie while looking effortlessly flawless.

For This Look:

Watch the full video here!

Create the Perfect Curtain Bangs

Blowdrying with Triangle Brush and BlowTYME Hairdryer

If you have bangs or face-framing pieces that you’re particular about, always start your style in front. To create these perfectly tossed you’ll need your Upstaged thermal protectant, Triangle Brush, and BlowTYME Hairdryer.

Always start any heated hairstyle with a thermal protectant. Use the triangle brush at a 45-degree angle, pick up* your curtain bangs and rotate the brush backward. Start blow drying* at a vertical angle, encouraging the hair to push back along with the brush. This method will develop the swept curl look.

Pro tip: Thermal protectants also works as an amazing styling agent in place of hairspray when you’re trying to create a more laid back look.

*We suggest keeping your blow dryer on a low setting with high heat.

Creating THE Look

Curling on the left and right side

Pictured: Curling left the side and curling the right side

To achieve beach waves on your right side, start with your iron facing upward, rotate the iron back toward yourself and pushing through the hair at a downward, 45-degree angle. At the end of the curl draw the iron down toward the floor to elongate the curl, creating the perfect beachy wave. On your left side, do the same thing but start with your iron angled downward.

Pick Up the Volume

Pick Up Curls

If you’re looking for more dimension or volume in your curls, grab a small section at the crown of your head, and start your curl at the top, rotating right away to create a “peak” for the curl higher. Close to the halfway mark of that already curled piece, drop out your curl in the middle of a “valley.” It is essential to twist the curl back in your hand. This should ensure that the partial curl you just created flows seamlessly with the previous curl. We call these "Pick Up Curls"!

(Peaks and Valleys 101: On a traditional curl, the “peak” of your curl is that is the side that is facing outward and turning back away from your face, while the “valley” is the side facing inward and rotating back towards your face.”)

Finishing your Style

Take your look to the next level with BigTYME Volumizing Powder Spray. Apply it to the under your top section on hair. Use your fingertips to “shampoo” the powder in, creating a lived-in, lifted look. Continue to use the spray throughout the entirety of your hair to give your curls more texture and separation - a beachy wave essential.

Finish this gorgeous look with SelfieTYME hairspray to lock in those perfectly swept curtain bangs. Start by spraying the underside of the bangs while encouraging the bangs backward. Then pinch either side together, in the middle of the forehead and spray. Gentle slide the bangs back to their styled position and spray again.

Final Tip: Adding a touch of thermal protectant to the ends of your hair will help keep them smooth and shiny. Tackle a new decade with this simple and absolutely gorgeous look!

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