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Nine Summer Trends We're Giving A Stamp Of Approval

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The Midwest’s unhinged weather seems to have finally taken a turn around the corner toward summer! Every year at this time comes the great debacle of what style trends are here to stay, which are still thriving from fall and winter, or which styles are on the brink of being a complete mess. While the pandemic did bring us into a more casual state of being, TikTok life hacks and shows like Euphoria brought a TON of new styles and experimentation to the table. We’re diving through our favorites styles so you don’t have to.

The 90’s blowout.

100% yes.

And we might just have a new product on the way to help you get this dreamy look at home. Keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, learn how to DIY a gorgeous blowout at home.

Double Braids

We are big fans of braids. They are such a playful way to add texture to your look. Whether you’re going for a more active look or a subtle way to upgrade your lived-in look, we’re here for it. Check out our absolute favorite unity braids!

Curtain Bangs


This look is so flattering on so many different face shapes. Whether you keep them short and flared or long and face-framing, curtain bangs are a winner.

Natural Locks

We’re begging for Summer 2021 to be the summer of natural curls! The transformation our culture is making into full-on curly hair pride is incredible. We don’t want to see anyone denying their curls this summer. Spoil your curls with shampoo and conditioner that actually moisturizes them and doesn’t weigh them down, and keep them bouncing with products that don’t dry them out and encourage constant moisture. Those curls deserve it!

Bucket Hats are Back

We’re not talking about the khaki fishing hats your grandpa owns. Street fashion has blessed us with the opportunity to breathe new life into bucket hats and we’re definitely adding a few to our accessories catalog during the sunny seasons.

Bold Hair Accessories

Whether we’re talking bright or just plain big, bold is in. Giant scrunchies are now lining the shelves at your local target and maybe it’s just us but bright, chunky hair clips are flooding our Instagram feeds. These accessories are the perfect way to jazz up a monotone outfit or even refresh a hairstyle you’re just not quite ready to wash yet. ;)

The Claw is back!

Thank you 90’s gods. THANK YOU!

Yes, we’re talking about the giant hair clips you used to put over your lips as a kid. Claw clips are perfect for nearly any hair length or type. Their ease of use paired with top-notch hair security make them the perfect summer accessory to have on hand!

Straight Hair

Silky straight hair has made its way into the 2020s! We love seeing smooth hydrated hair out in the wild. Be cautious adding this style to your hair rotation though! Applying heat too often to your hair can be damaging. Trust us. We created an iron that is designed so you have to apply heat less often!

Mullets + Shags

Ok, hear us out! Mullet and shag cuts are a bold and gorgeous way to add a TON of texture and body to your hair. You don’t have to go full Miley Cyrus (but also maybe DO IT!), but giving this cut a try may just change your life. ;)

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