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4th of July: Unity Rolls & Braids

Collage of women with Unity Rolls & Braids

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Fourth of July celebrations across the country will look much different this year. No masses of crowds along a shoreline to watch fireworks and no large family cookouts. While we’re getting creative with our celebrations and stocking up on sparklers, and if you’re lucky, some backyard friendly fireworks, we want to take it a step further.

Things can be pretty heavy right now and we want to show togetherness in the most simple but fun way that we know how...through our hair! Our newfound appreciation for liberty, freedom, and UNITY, combined with our passion for speaking out for what’s right, drove us to pull inspiration from two very different eras, the 1940s, and the 1970s. We're calling it Unity Rolls & Braids.

Check out this playful hairstyle from our CEO and Founder, Jacynda!

We love how fun this look is and especially how easy it is to create. Dive in below!

Unity Rolls

Unity rolls are such an iconic style! The women of the 40’s made these rolls look stunning with side part and even a middle part. Make this look all about you and choose whatever part makes you feel the most confident.

Depending on your hair type you may need to do a bit of prep work. If you have thicker hair or coarse hair, it’s your lucky day. Jump down to the next paragraph. The ladies with finer and sleeker hair need to add a bit of texture to those locks!

Adding a touch of SelfieTYME Hairspray and an even dose of BigTYME Root Lift Powder Spray will give you the perfect base to create these rolls. We suggest back brushing (or as some might call it, teasing) with your paddle brush, too. This is to create texture through the shaft of your hair, not just the root, so a few small passes should do the trick.

Start by positioning this section of hair to go towards the back and crown of your head. Think about a 45-degree angle. With your fingers behind the section of hair and your thumb on the outside, rotate the hair backward, creating a “roll”. Without opening it, use a Bobby Pin and press into the roll to secure your hair. This may take a bit of practice, but after a try or two, we know you’ll have it nailed down.

Unity Braids

Our favorite part of this style? The braids! This is the braiding hack your mom never taught you. ;) Get rid of the painful tiny elastics that always snap in between your fingers and try this out! Start your braid with three distinct and separate strands of hair. As you start braiding, let the bottom pieces intermingle. DO NOT continue to separate them as you braid like usual, just focus on weaving your top sections. The bottom pieces are going to start to braid themselves! Once you get to the middle, you won’t be able to braid anymore. To lock these braids in, loop the bottom half through your open section and tug tight! Voila! A secure braid that took half the time. Told you we’ve always been serious about saving time getting ready.

Share your unity rolls and braids with us on social media! Tag any of our pages below and use the #unityrolls #unitybraids to show off your celebratory hair!

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