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Balancing Being a Mom & Stylist: Allowing My Kids Style to Develop Their Way

Jacynda Smith and her daughter Ariya posing for a selfie
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As a parent, our responsibility is to prepare our children for the world. Some of the most valuable lessons we learn as humans are how to deal with adversity, and handle ourselves in challenging situations. Learning how to walk can be challenging but essential, just as learning how to style your hair. Learning how to style your hair is a key part of becoming who you are as a person, and will be apart of you every day of your life! (Video below)

Balancing What you Want and What Your Kids Need to Develop

I love watching kids learn and grow! Think about how adorable it is to watch a baby take their first steps. As parents sometimes we want things to be picture perfect when the true joy comes from watching the child succeed. When it comes to hairstyling in our house it’s balancing letting her be the person she is, which includes doing her hair her way unless she asks me for help. While watching her practice a new hairstyle, I know what result she is going to get or not get when she does certain things to her hair to try to achieve a specific style, but the beauty is when she learns and she thrives when she is doing her own hair and is proud of the outcome!

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Dynamics of What I Want to do With Her Style and What She Wants out of Her Style

When you are helping with their style there are so many things that are important. One big thing to consider is remembering who has the inspiration for the style. If she has a picture in her head I do everything I can to get the style she wants, but sometimes she doesn’t have anything in mind and I can take the lead. I think it’s important that we treat our kids like we would want our stylists to treat us.

Blonde mother and daughter smiling for a selfie

Sometimes we try to impose our likes and dislikes on our kids when they are a different generation than we are so they will clearly have different tastes than us. For example, my daughter loves scrunchies. I have been there, done that, but I love them on her! Let them get inspired and run with their style! When they can learn about their likes and dislikes it helps them grow into their own style. :)

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