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Easy Holiday Updo Hairstyle

lady styling an easy braided holiday updo on her friend

It’s holiday party time and we want to help you save some tyme so you can live your life instead of getting ready for it. 😉Here is a simple updo hairstyle you can do on yourself or someone else!
Step 1: Pop in a few curls just to soften the ends a bit.
Step 2: Gather two front pieces and bring back to the middle back of your head. Secure with elastic then flip ponytail through (like a topsy tail), pulling apart hair to loosen a bit to make it look a little more disheveled.
Step 3: Grab two more front pieces and repeat steps going over top of first ponytail.
Step 4: Grab two ponytail sections along with the hair underneath and the two sections on either side and create three braids.
Step 5: Pull apart (or pancake) the braids using a texturizing powder such as BigTYME Root Lift Powder.
Step 6: Take on of the outer braids and tuck it through between it and the middle braid and “fluff’ up the braid.
Step 7: Repeat on other side.
Step 8: Take each side and cross over the middle braid and pin into place.
Step 9: With the remaining middle braid, create a bun and pin into place.


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