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Fall Aesthetic: Hairstyle Edition

Fall Aesthetic: Hairstyle Edition

Along with the season, trends are slowly shifting into Fall fashion. A few transition days are still under our belts (the Midwest crowd gets it*), but brisk weather is heading our way, so we’re preparing our arsenal of hairstyles to match the temp!

*For Transition Days

Being based in Iowa, we’re no strangers to the fall days that start at 55 degrees, reach 85- degrees by 2 pm and jump back down to 65 degrees in the evening. Planning a hairstyle for these days can be tricky, let alone an outfit. Here are our favorite fall looks to get you from AM to PM on these unpredictable days.

All The Half-Up Looks

Pull your face-framing pieces (or more) up and away from a potentially sweaty forehead! Use a comfortable hair tie that won’t leave any creases in your hair so you can bring your hair down when the temperature inevitably drops again.

A Minimalist Bun

Easy as apple pie, this bun is perfect for those hot days that come on quickly. In this transitional style, gently twist your hair so your curls don’t lose shape.

The French Pony Tail

We call this the French Ponytail because it gives effortless. This seemingly thrown-together style pairs the aesthetic of NYFW with a quality of livability that we’ll always be reaching for.

For Long Hair

The Blowout

Let’s start with the fact that blowouts look good on everyone, but there is something about a fluffy blowout on a long-layered cut. It gives a subtle nod to the model looks of the 90s while still serving boardroom chic.

Cali Waves

A woman with curled ashy blonde hair poses with the TYME Iron Pro in front of a window

We feel like this is the “It girl” look of the 2020s. These big waves work with every aesthetic, and the way they fall over a couple-day period gives an air of effortlessness that will make every teenage girl in your life drool over you.

For Medium Hair

Faux Natural Curls

A slight wave that hits just below the shoulder will always be gorgeous in our book. We love the simplicity of this style and how quickly it can add variety to your collection of fall looks without interrupting your wash cycle.

The Half Up High Pony

We love how playful a half-up look is! This is a gorgeous style while running around accomplishing all your favorite fall activities.

Effortless Wave

@tymeiron 6 days isn’t an exaggeration #newhair #saturdayvibes #waves ♬ All I Want Is You - Disco Lines

The key to this look? Brush through your curls! Not just with your fingers or a comb, but with an actual hair brush! The way each bristle of your brush will elongate and tussle your curls will take your curls from polished to lived-in in seconds.

For Short Hair

The Faux Three-Barrel Wave

The TYME Iron Pro really does it all. With three-barrel irons coming back into style, we love that the Pro gives you the option to still create this style without buying another hot tool to add to your collection.


A blonde woman uses a black blow dryer brush to dry and straighten her hair in a bedroom decorated in white.

While this style isn’t exclusive to fall, something about a perfectly straight look on short hair is unmatched. Pair this style with a cute hat, and you’ll find yourself listening to Taylor Swift all day long.

For All Hair Lengths

Your Natural Texture

You are already enough, just as you are. The way your hair grows out of your head is already perfect. These styles are merely recommendations to switch things up. Your only requirement is to care for and take care of yourself, hair included.

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