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How To Achieve Big, Full, Curly Curls With The TYME Iron

side by side images of lady showing how you can go from straight hair to large bouncy curls

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Lately, at TYME we’ve been showing you how to best care for your hair and giving you the essentials on creating everyday curls that will last you days. BUT sometimes a girl needs to feel bold and a little extra fabulous! There’s no better way to get there than big, curly hair.

Our traditional methods of curling only need a slight adjustment to take you from an everyday look to the big, romantic curls of your dreams. Every adjustment you make while curling makes a difference; how you hold the iron, how you rotate, what angle you’re guiding the iron at, and whether you’re pulling or pushing. Let’s get started.

Getting Started

Congrats ladies! We can stick to our regular parting and sectioning (or lack thereof) for big, curly hair. We always suggest parting this way to save you time. Parting your hair down the middle and curling from back to front relieves you of tired arms, tangled hair, unnecessary parting, and re-curling/over-curling already styled hair.

Split hair into two sections to get curl at the root

However, if you are in need of some seriously huge hair, part your hair down the middle and then each section into a top and bottom section as well. This will allow you to add some voluminous perfection to the bottom half of your hair from the root!

If you’re looking for wand-like curls, curl smaller pieces of your hair. The bigger the section, the more relaxed the curl. Small sections are for head full lion mane curls.

Let's Curl!

How the root of your hair is curled for this style is essential. We want HUGE lift at the roots. This section of our hair holds moisture and natural oils more than the rest, so it takes slightly more effort to shape this hair how we want it.

Curl at the roots to get more volume

To lift those roots, your iron has to grab the hair close to the root. It sounds silly to say, but making sure you understand that where you start your rotation is where your curl starts will make everything so much easier!

Hold your TYME iron at a horizontal angle and rotate the iron dramatically. (Without adjusting your hand position AKA thumb behind the light)

Push TYME Iron towards the mirror

To make sure your style holds properly, slowly push* your iron forward. Holding your iron at a horizontal angle will give you those giant Victoria Secret runway model curls, whereas a vertical angle will result in a relaxed, everyday look.

*That’s right! Push your hair forward. Typically we suggest pulling the hair forward with your iron. For big, curly hair, our hair should be cooling over the top of our iron and we want to PUSH all those locks forward.

Pro Tip: When you’re curling the left side, slightly tilt your head towards your left shoulder. This will give you easier access to get closer to the root. Most importantly, it will help you create consistent, even curls just like your right side. Symmetry is key!

Finishing Touches

Big, curly hair always requires a once over to make sure all your hair is curled. Once you’re certain every lock has been turned over, give your locks a slight finger brush to pull them apart.

Add BigTYME Root Lift Powder to your roots, just under the first layer of your hair and “shampoo” the powder in with your fingertips. The “shampooing” action will give your hair a slight tease and make sure the product is distributed evenly.

Finish off with SelfieTYME Hairspray and go throughout your day (or night) feeling like the fierce woman you are!

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