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The History Of The Original TYME Iron, And How It Is Affected By Frauds in 2019

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TYME products are a decade of hard work and sacrifice in the making. In 2008, CEO Jacynda Smith made a bold decision to take the future of her family’s life into her own hands.

Her experience as a hairstylist and cosmetologist constantly put her in a room with women who wanted to BE better, who wanted to FEEL better, and Jacynda knew she could make that difference. By helping these women feel empowered by the way they look, Jacynda dreamed of changing lives. Although, like most young mothers, Jacynda knew that these women didn’t have the time to dedicate to their appearance.

That’s when TYME was born.

Jacynda’s genius idea to help women break through their shells, and Kierre Smith, Jacynda’s brother and now co-CEO, made it happen. The two worked hand-in-hand to develop and patent the TYME Iron, and in 2014, their dreams became a reality.

TYME is a small family-owned company made up of passionate, hardworking people who care about the vibrancy of women in today’s culture. We pride ourselves on always putting our best foot forward and believing that if you focus on the positive, the positive will come. Hard work has gone into all of our products and we always put the needs of our customers first - our employees even FaceTime our customers to make sure they’re getting the best experience with our products.

Let's Get Down To Business

The shopping chaos of the holiday season has brought fraud accounts crawling out of the woodwork.Through just December 1-18, TYME has reported at least 1,500 ads which are linked to 180 different sites...and that's just on Facebook. Knock-off brands like Mestar Iron Pro (also known as Me Star Iron Pro, or 2 in 1 Mestar Iron Pro), “duped” our product and are selling a cheap product with none of the quality the authentic TYME Iron, then use our contact information for customer service which reflects negatively on our company.

As we embark on a new decade, we want to emphasize the importance of authenticity. We want YOU to get the real thing, the real experience, the real results. We have witnessed the importance of supporting small companies and how it affects their employees and their families.

We also understand the value of your hard work and what your dollar means to you, which is why we have implemented the AfterPay payment option on all of our products.

We don’t think you should sacrifice a bill or a chance to spoil yourself and run the risk of buying a knock-off iron and risking the side effects (over-heating irons, use non-regulated materials, not receiving any product at all...the list goes on.)

In 2020, we’re pushing to encourage more conscious thought and shopping. It matters, and it’s time we speak up about it!

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