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The TYME Iron for Left Handers...EXPLAINED!

Curling with the left hand TYME Iron

We got tons of questions from left-handed people asking how to use the TYME Iron to best suit their needs. We’ve spent some time to find the best angles, techniques, and even consulted a few of our left-handed TYME stylists to get the perfect (or possibly even BETTER) curls while using your left hand.

To start, we recommend trying it with your right hand, as most of our tutorials utilize right-handed styles. 50% of those who are acclimated to left-handed tasks end up curling the right side of their head with their left hand and the left side of their head with their right...weird, we know! BUT the other 50% end up just curling with their right hand. Either way, you use both of your hands to style!

Curling Left Handed

Similar to right-handed folks, stick to the 4 basic steps!

  1. Always pick up the iron with your thumb behind the lighted power button.
  2. Approach your hair with the curling side to your head. You should be able to see the power button in the mirror. (You may have seen the curling side referred to as the guide side or curved side)
  3. Place the section of hair you are going to curl in between the two plates, close the iron, and rotate your wrist backward.
  4. While applying light pressure, slowly push the iron forward toward the mirror. Let’s break it down.

Curling On Your Right Side

Keep your thumb behind the power button when curling. Bring your left arm across the front of your body and approach your hair with the guide (curved) side facing your head. Angle tip of your TYME iron away from you and rotate your iron back so you can see the curved side towards the mirror. After you slowly push your hair forward, twist the curl back so it can cool in place.

Curling On Your Left Side

Keep your elbow up! Your elbow is always angled upward on your left side, whether you’re curling left-handed or right. There are two different ways you can hold your iron in your left hand when curling on your right side.

Option #1 Elbow up - of course - with your thumb placed behind the power button, bring your iron in at a downward-facing angle and rotate backward.

Option #2 Elbow up - Place your thumb and pinky on the side with the power button, with the rest of your fingers on the opposite side of the power button and bring your iron in at a downward-facing angle and rotate backward.

Key Points To Remember

  • Your thumb still remains behind the power button
  • The guide side still faces your head
  • Rotate the iron backward so you can no longer see your knuckles
  • On the right side, your iron is facing upward with the tip towards the ceiling
  • When curling on your left side, your elbow stays UP UP UP and your iron faces downward, toward you!

Experiences that might occur your first time: Hair Sliding out of the Plates As you’re paying close attention to the way you’re holding and rotating the iron, don’t forget to pay attention to where your hair is in between the plates. A slight tilt of the iron can keep your locks flowing in the iron.

Bigger or Smaller Curls

Your instinct when curling with your left hand may be to give your iron a little bit too much, or not enough gas. Judge your first few curls to make sure you’re getting YOUR perfect curl, it may require a slightly bigger rotation than you’re used to when using your right hand. Also, pay attention to the angle you’re holding the iron at.

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