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Make Your Styles Last Longer With These Blowdrying Hacks

brunette using a round brush and blow dryer to style her hair

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One of the most underrated hacks to get your curls to hold their shape for days is by spending a little extra time on your blowdry!


Your hair’s foundation is essential in not only creating the perfect look but making it last longer than a day. That foundation is built with moisture-locking shampoo and conditioner, a thermal protectant, a brush that lends itself to solid tension, and a versatile blow dryer.

Pregame Shampoo and Showoff Conditioner

We start our foundation with Pregame Shampoo and Showoff Conditioner. Keep in mind, most customers only use these two products once or twice a week. Allowing the shampoo to set in your hair lets it work in and remove any build-up from the past few days of products, while the conditioner supplies ample moisture and locks it in.

Upstaged Thermal Protectant is a vital product in your styling routine. Our thermal protectant not only does what the name says it does, but it works as a styling agent too. We suggest applying any thermal protectant to your hair when it is still damp so it has a chance to soak into your hair cuticles before you start applying heat.

Upstaged Thermal Protectant

Upstaged helps give you control of the style you’re trying to create while blow-drying, instead of waiting to see what style you end up with and trying to lock it in with hair spray. Start your style control at the beginning of your routine, instead of the end.

Pro-Tip: Use Upstaged even if you’re air-drying your locks. It will still be soaked into your hair follicles when you eventually use an iron AND it helps secure a great wave if you’re just scrunching your hair.

Detangler Brush

Curly or straight hair, before blowdrying your hair, make sure to get any knots out ahead of time! Our TYME Detangling Brush has multiple bristles that reach out and can gently work through knots in no time. Start by brushing out the ends of your hair and work your way up to make the detangling process easier.

Blowdrying Basics:

Mind Your Settings

Once your wet hair is brushed out and tangle-free, it’s time to start drying. The BlowTYME Hair Dryer offers three different heat settings, three different airflow settings, and a cool blast option. Finding what heat and airflow combination that works best for you is a journey.

BlowTYME Hair Dryer

Using a high heat setting and high airflow will dry your hair quicker, but may not be ideal for styling. Our stylists at TYME suggest starting with a high or medium heat setting with a low airflow when trying to lock in a style for the first time. Utilize the cool blast when you’re ready to lock-in the style you are trying to implement. After all, where your hair cools, is where it stays.

Start In The Front

Make sure your face-framing pieces are dried to a style you prefer before moving onto the rest of your hair. This ensures the most important part of drying is out of the way (I mean...c’mon. We all know it’s true.) and drying the rest will be a breeze.

Pay Attention To Your Drying Style

Woman drying her hair

Most people tend to dry their hair altogether. This isn’t inherently wrong, but it isn’t the quickest way to dry. Focus your drying efforts at your roots to begin. Once your roots are voluminous and about 80% dry, move through to the rest of your hair. As you move through the rest of your locks pay attention to how your hair looks. If it looks section-y and not smooth, that means you have more drying to do.

However, be sure not to over-dry your hair. Over-dried hair tends to wrinkle and crease easier than properly dried hair. On the other hand, under-dried hair gives into humidity and is less likely to hold any style you’re trying to implement.

Mind The Airflow

Frizz and flyaways have two sources of origin: over dried hair and improperly dried hair. The flow of air from your blow dryer should always be moving in the same direction from your hair.

Hair cuticle layer image

Think of your hair cuticles like the singles of your house, if you’re blowdrying upwards, the airflow is going to lift all of those “shingles” directly up, whereas focusing that air downward will close the cuticle shut, resulting in smooth hair with all of the moisture locked in.


Straight Hair

Round Brush image

The TYME 3-inch Round Brush should be your new best friend! Don’t focus your attention on turning the brush while drying, focus on the tension you’re applying with the brush. The roundness of the brush helps lift the hair to create volume, the tension helps mold the style, while the airflow actually creates the look. Apply your airflow to the middle of the brush to help the hair mold to the curve of the brush. If you want more volume and curl, apply the airflow toward the bottom of the round brush.

Pro-Tip: Once you feel your hair is dry and you’re focusing on your style, reverse your round brush and hit your hair with a cool shot. This will help lock that wave/volume in place.

Curly Hair

Curly hair dried with diffuser

Our BlowTYME Hair Dryer comes with a concentrator and diffuser! So not only do you have the concentrator to direct the airflow when the goal is to smooth your hair, but if you want to rock your natural curls switch over to the diffuser and achieve gravity-defying curl! Just use the diffuser on low fan speed in the same motion you would use to scrunch your curls with your fingers.

Bangs/Short Hair

Triangle Brush image

Since your hair will dry much faster than most, we suggest using a medium to low airflow, so you can focus on styling before your hair is too dry. Using a triangle brush will help lift your hair from the root, allowing you to manipulate your styles easier. You’ll want to rotate your brushes more to ensure the volume is created if that's what you're going for.

Check out our video above for some “on the fly” tips and tricks to achieve the best blowdry for your style.

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