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Stop Washing your Hair Every Day - We’re Serious!

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Every day? Every other day? No way!

“But my hair gets greasy if I don’t wash it every day.” We get that, too.

You have Pavlov’ed your hair to being stripped of natural oils every day, and that’s not a good thing! Your skin overproduces a little thing called sebum to try and lock in moisture. Most of us would call sebum “grease.” Currently, your scalp is instantly starting to produce sebum after your shower to try and secure the moisture from your conditioner.

Re-read that ;)

Your scalp produces “grease” to try and lock in moisture, just like your body produces sweat to try and cool you down. When you wash your hair every day, you’re stripping it of all the necessities. You’re basically sending SpongeBob into Sandy’s dome with no source of water. Take it from us. Our team of style experts all have backgrounds actually working in salons and taking on a variety of hair conditions and scalps. If the fact that our scalp produces “grease” to save our scalp isn’t enough, here are two more very good reasons.

Hair Thinning/Loss

When your scalp is constantly in overhaul trying to produce sebum to lock in any moisture possible, it’s putting a lot of stress on your hair follicles. This usually results in inflamed hair follicles. Inflamed hair follicles don’t allow the actual strands of hair to grow to full potential. Think of it like taking the top of a water bottle off versus poking a hole in the top. One method is stronger than the other.


The bane of every black outfits existence. Dandruff is caused by - shocker - a dry scalp. Dandruff is actually flakes of dry skin coming off of your scalp. Dry skin on your scalp? A direct result from over washing.

Next Steps

The products you use are so important. Generic shampoos are made with fillers that weigh your hair down and take away volume. It’s best to research what shampoos and conditioners are best for your hair.

TYME Power Couple shampoo and conditioner

BUT - we’ve already done a lot of research. This is the number one and the ONLY reason we do the work to promote TYME products. We KNOW they are made with your hair and scalp in mind. Our Pregame Shampoo has a short ingredient list that feature the necessities of hair care.

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Tips + Tricks

Avoid Dry Shampoo

This sounds counter-intuitive, but If you’re trying to lengthen your wash cycle, some dry shampoos have cleaning agents in them, which reset all of your hard work! Instead, brush through your hair and spray a soft root lift powder like BigTYME at the roots to help matte your roots.

Rinse Day

To start lengthening your wash cycle, start by adding a “rinse day” to your schedule. Do your normal daily shower, but instead of washing and conditioning your hair, just give it a thorough rinse AS IF you were washing it.

Make it Gradual

We don’t expect you to go from washing every day to washing once a week overnight. This is a process, and your scalp will need time to adjust. We recommend adding a day between each wash until it feels natural. This may take about a week or so, depending on how heavy your shampoo and conditioner are. Every time that your scalp feels adjusted add another day in between washes! By the end of the month, you may already be a once-a-week washer!

Proper Blow Drying

When blow-drying your hair, it should never feel hot. Hot hair is an indication of over-drying. Over-drying results in a dry scalp, which then results in the overproduction of sebum. Blow-dry from the roots out and make sure your hair feels close to a lukewarm or room temperature when you are finished.

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