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How To Resolve The Top 4 Hair Challenges

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It can be easy to dissect and pick apart all the details that we don't like about our hair. The color, the cut, the length, the texture, and the list goes on.

Unless you have a stylist at your beck and call, it can feel impossible to get your hair to be exactly the way you want it. We’re going to give you our best tips, tricks, and products to help make your routine a little easier!

Need More Volume?

Flat hair

The Basics: Do you have the type of hair that feels like heavy and silk, baby fine, or limp? Typically flat hair is caused by two things: foundational products and how your hair dries.

The Tricks: We consider foundational products to be products that you use when your hair is wet. Are your shampoo and conditioner heavy and weighing down your hair? This is SUCH a common thing. If your shampoo and conditioner are heavy, you typically feel the need to wash your hair every day, or every other day.

Switching to products that are mild and lightweight will make such a big difference in how your hair performs throughout the day. Blow drying your hair properly will make a HUGE difference in your volume.

For starters, you should always try to blow dry your hair, BUT don’t over-dry! Your hair should always be cool to the touch after blow-drying, never hot! Focus on your roots, and if you're craving serious volume incorporate a round brush into your blow-drying routine.

Prefer to air dry? Consider at least blowdrying at the roots and displacing your part. Brush your hair all to the left, then switch to the right to get as much airflow and lift at the scalp as possible!

The Products: Shampoo & Conditioner: You want to find a duo that won’t weigh your hair down, but still gives you all the healthy goodness. May we suggest Pregame Shampoo and Showoff Conditioner?

Power Couple shampoo and conditioner

;) Our TYME shampoo and conditioner are made from the highest quality ingredients, to make sure your hair is getting everything it NEEDS and nothing to weigh it down.

BigTYME Root Lift Powder

BigTYME: This powder is a gift from above (pun intended) ;) A few sprays throughout your roots and top of your hair and you’ll be at new heights! Different than your average texture spray, Big TYME is dedicated to giving you a serious lift.


The Basics: Frizz can be caused by a few different things. Heat tools and the environment are among the most common reasons.


The Tips: When blow-drying, be cognizant of the direction of the airflow vs the direction your hair is laying. You want to blowdry down onto the hair strand, and not directing the airflow back up the hair strand. If you properly direct the airflow this will allow your cuticle layer to lay down smooth, which retains your hair's natural moisture and shine!

If you live in a humid environment, your hair's best friend is moisture! The more moisture your hair already has, the less your hair will react when there is moisture in the air. Your hair will not feel the need to try to draw the moisture from the air into the strand, thus your strands will stay more smooth!

TYMELESS Repair and Shine Spray

The Products: TYMELESS Repair and Shine Spray: AKA Liquid Gold. We are OBSESSED with this stuff. The more you use it, the less you will feel the need to use it. TYMELESS repairs your hair from the inside out, and adds moisture, allowing your strand to shine!

Take Too Long to Style?

The Basics: When people have long hair or thick hair, styling can be such a pain. As a team of stylists, trust us when we say WE UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN.

The Tricks: Adjust your washing cycle. Once you get a good 3-7 day cycle going, it’s easy to make one hairstyle last days on end. Our whole mission at TYME is to save you time in the bathroom...get it? Time→ TYME? We’ve compiled a plethora of easy hairstyles that will last. Check them out on our blog.

The Products: TYME Iron Pro! This tool takes out a huge factor in styling your hair: sectioning. It is arguably the worst part of styling, and we found a way to get rid of it completely. The curls will last for days, and you will find yourself wondering what life was like before the TYME Iron before you know it.

SelfieTYME Hairspray

A good, liveable hairspray. We suggest SelfieTYME. Our hairspray is designed with memory resins to give you all of the hold, with none of the sticky starchiness.

Get Oily Too Fast?

The Basics: This is your hair begging you to stop washing it every day. We recently went in-depth about what the actual oil/grease on your scalp is and why your scalp NEEDS the oils it produces. Get the full scoop here.

The Tricks: Start by skipping a day or two in your washing cycle. Once your hair adjusts to this cycle you’ll notice that eventually, you’ll be able to last 2-4 days without ANY dry shampoo. We’re serious.

BlowTYME Hair Dryer

If you can, we always recommend blow drying after your shower. Blow drying helps lock in all unique moisture and seals down your cuticle layer. Properly blow-dried hair is cool to the touch and shiny!

The Products: Pregame Shampoo and Showoff Conditioner: We’ve developed the BEST shampoo to make sure your washes last...if we do say so ourselves. Our shampoo and conditioner are designed specifically so you spend less time washing. We want you out there showing off your locks, not trying to start from scratch every day.

Heed our advice and start saving achieving your #HairGoals by spending LESS time in the bathroom!

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