Jacynda and Savannah showing their messy buns

Suns Out Buns Out: Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

Read Time: 1 min 58 sec

The summer heat has definitely made itself at home. Going out and feeling cute can be a challenge when sweat is the main ingredient of the season. At TYME we’re taking advantage of the opportunity, and finding cute ways to pulling our hair UP!

The art of the messy bun has been practiced for centuries, but we’ve mastered two tried and true methods that can work for any hair length: the DIY ballerina bun and the perfectly unkempt bun. These buns are the perfect solution for a cute lounge look or getting to work in the office.

Gather your hair to the desired location on your head (top, crown, or nape of your neck) and get started on our methods below!

The DIY Ballerina Bun

Don’t mistake this for a "perfect" sock bun! This bun is effortless only requires a ponytail. Gather your hair at your preferred place with your dominant hand. Using your non-dominant hand, rotate your makeshift pony around your pointer finger to make a twisted pony. A tighter rotation will give you a tighter bun, while a looser one will give you a messier look.

As you twist, start to form the donut shape until the entirety of your hair is completely looped. Securing the look is as easy as popping a ponty tail around the bun. If you’re going for a cleaner look, tuck your loose pieces in with a couple of bobby pins.

The Perfectly Unkempt Bun

There’s no need for spending hours trying to create that perfect messy bun any more, the team at TYME has decoded the perfect method! Gather your hair at your ideal location with your non-dominate hand and your ponytail locked and loaded in the dominant. Place your ponytail against your scalp, but before you twist to secure that first loop, grab the bulk of your hair.

Now twist and secure your bun with the ponytail! You may need to add a few extra loops to secure the bun, depending on your preference. Tuck any undesired loose ends into the ponytail. You quickly just gave yourself an effortless look that can easily be made and remade.

Finishing Your Look

Buns are such a fun way to play with your style! Use a comb and SelfieTYME Hairspray to make either of these looks appear more professional. Another option is to add a touch of BigTYME Root Lift Powder and “shampooing” your hair with your fingertips to gain dimension in the pulled back locks.

  • Explore new trends by elevating these looks with the following:
  • Secure the bun with a scrunchie or hair wrap instead of a ponytail.
  • Use a cute clip to secure any baby hairs from the nape of your neck.
  • Part your hair down the middle and duplicate the steps on either side for easy space buns!
  • Use these methods to create an easy half-up, half-down look!
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