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Natural Curls To Straight And Sleek

woman with straight hair

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There are tons of reasons we love the TYME Iron! Everything from it’s gorgeous aesthetics to ergonomic design, but most importantly, it’s versatility! When we were testing the iron, it was important to our team that the iron worked on multiple hair types, including textured and coarse hair.

Watch as Jayla glides through her TYPE hair with ease in the video below!

Check out our TYME verified style tips to achieve the look. 👇👇👇

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

This is the key to making this sleek look last. Prep your hair with Upstaged Thermal Protectant. Upstaged is a strong and long-lasting product that adds an incredible scent, protects your hair and can double as a lightweight styling aid. Make sure to brush this evenly through the entirety of your hair. The TYME Iron runs from 300 to 400 degrees and a higher temperature will help you get the desired look on the first pass through your hair. A singular pass at a higher temperature creates less damage than multiple passes with a lower temp. Don’t forget that!

Work Your Way Up!

Unlike most TYME styles, when working with thicker textured hair, we suggest sectioning. Working from the nape of your neck up to the crown will be the quickest, most effective method to straighten your hair. This will give you the opportunity to trial and error a few pieces underneath, while still giving them the time to cool before making any “corrections.”

Your Brush is Your Best Friend

Grab your Detangler Brush and let’s dive in! Our TYME brushes are designed to handle the heat coming from the iron, so you can seamlessly work with each tool. Using your brush as a guide to keep your curls sprawled out will ensure heat is distributed evenly through your section of hair.

Pro Tip: Give each section a thorough brush through before straightening! This will help ensure you won’t hit any snags when passing through with the iron.

Lock It Down!

After you’ve made it through all your curls, there are a few optional steps to keep that sleek shine. Grab a bottle of SelfieTYME Hairspray and use as much or as little hairspray as you like, our’s is chemically created to be touchably soft! The finishing touch? Our TYMELESS Repair and Shine Spray. It is literally liquid gold. Packed with tons of vitamins and proteins, TYMELESS will help lock in hydration, thus preventing your hair from humidity, static, and frizz.

Spend less time trying to create new looks and more time feeling your best. We would love to hear your results, so please share it with us on any of our platforms!

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