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2 women sitting on a bench with ice cream and TYME curls

How to Curl Long Hair With Tyme Iron

We get questions all the time in our customer service if the TYME Iron works...
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Woman with Red hair curling in mirror with TYME iron

TYME Iron: Learning the Angles in the Mirror and Getting Rid of Frizz at the Top

There are usually two scenarios that create frizz at the top, which can be easily...
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4 images of 4 diff hairstyles-woman with black hair

How to Wash Your Hair Less and Look Amazing for Days

In one of our last posts, we talked about how to extend your days between...
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Woman with black hair with braid Halloweenand hairstyle

5-Minute Halloween Hairstyle

Hey Boo! 👻Have you decided who you are going to be for Halloween? If not,...
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Woman with short brown hair and TYME curls

How to Curl Short Hair

You may have shown up here because you are trying to learn how to curl...
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TYME iron Pro in use

How To: Curling or Straightening on Someone Else Using the TYME Iron

Curling on Someone Else with the TYME Iron Pro Wouldn’t it be nice if you...
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Woman with gorgeous black hair

How-To: 7 Simple Steps To The Perfect Blowout Hairstyle

Have you ever spent a crazy amount of time blow drying your hair only to...
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