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These Products Will Elevate Your Everyday Hairstyle

These Products Will Elevate Your Everyday Hairstyle

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Introducing the TYME collection - take your favorite everyday looks to the next level with these essential tools designed for easier routines and even better results. 

The Iconic 90s Blowout

A blonde caucasian woman models her freshly blown out hair.

If blowouts are in your catalog of staple looks, you've found the right article. The TYME BlowBrush has been changing the styling routines of women across the US. The easy-to-use tool is designed with two flat sides and two curved to keep your styling options endless.

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Endless Curls

We found the only thing that can make your go-to curls better...getting them faster. The TYME Iron Pro is designed to work FAST. Mastering your favorite curls with the Pro is an easy four-step process: thumb behind the light, place your hair in the TYME Iron Pro, rotate the iron and glide through your hair.

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The Easiest Everyday Curl

A caucasian woman with red hair is posing with the TYME Iron Air

We call the TYME Iron Air a breath of fresh h(air) for a reason. This powerful little heat tool uses cool-air fans to immediately set your curls into place. If you're looking for a simple, everyday, go-to curl, you'll get it with the TYME Iron Air.

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Beach Wave Blowout

A caucasian woman with blonde hair looks into a mirror while blow drying her hair.

The bowl shape of the BlowTYME diffuser is the ideal shape to create faux beach waves on wavy or even not-so-wavy hair. The best part? No scrunching required. Let the finger-like prongs do all the hard work for you, while you reap all the beachy benefits.

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The Cali Waves

A woman with blonde hair models her curled hair.

Cali Waves are that essential combination of seemingly lived-in curls and borderline glamour waves. This style of curl is perfect for sitting in the backyard in your favorite matching set or dressing to the nines for a night out. You won't go back to another curl after perfecting these with the TYME Iron Pro.

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Your Natural Curls

A black woman with blonde hair uses the BlowTYME hair dryer to diffuse dry her curly hair.

Natural curls are the queenpin of the hair world. Keep your natural shine and luster with the ionic tech of the BlowTYME hair dryer. The variety of heat settings also gives you the rare opportunity to diffuse your curls on a heatless setting for even healthier curls on wash day.

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Perfectly Straight

An Armenian woman with straight, brunette hair poses with the TYME Iron Pro.

In addition to creating endless curls, the TYME Iron Pro is a pro when it comes to straightening. The angle in the iron allows the titanium plates to gently meet with light pressure, unlike traditional straighteners.

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