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The Perfect Hairstyles For Every Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Hairstyles For Every Zodiac Sign

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Call it a stroke of genius or just trying to find a hack for our everyday style, but we think we found the ultimate life hack. Your everyday hairstyle should align with your zodiac. Like...hello?! It will definitely fit your personality. It's perfect.

Woman drying her hair with a blow dryer.


Air Sign

Aquarius, we absolutely adore your ties to personal freedom. Hairstyles that let you prioritize that freedom is a crucial component in your life. We love an "au natural" moment for you. Whether you're embracing your natural curls or creating some false ones (your secret is safe with us), working with what you already have keeps you from stressing.

A blonde woman modeling a braided hairstyle.


Water Sign

Pisces, we see your romantic little hearts but truly raise a glass to your imagination. You can see creative opportunities throughout the day, which leads us to think that you need to be ready to go at a moment's notice. Braids are perfect for you! Wear them low for a date night or go with boxer braids for today's adventure, either way, you're going to look amazing!

A woman securing a pony tail on top of her head.


Fire Sign

Your symbol is the Ram for a reason. You boss up and dive into everything head first. As a natural-born leader, we thought you deserved a style that allows you not only to look incredible but truly get sh*t done. The Ariana Grande-inspired pony is perfect for you. Bougie enough to make you stand out in a crowd but functional enough that if someone challenges you to a race, you're ready to go.

A woman modeling a bun hairstyle.


Earth Sign

While most people see you as chill and laid back, we know your determination levels are off the charts. While comfort is a massive part of your life, you see the work that goes into attaining that comfort. There is no better "let's get it done" hairstyle than a bun. You mean business, and you're going to put sweats on as soon as the work is complete.

A woman modeling a curled hairstyle.


Air Sign

Your youthful outlook on life and abilities to shift between aesthetics made you the hardest to pick! But at the end of the day, we all know your number one trait: you know something we don't. You always have the scoop. Therefore, you're getting your own Gretchen Wieners moment with Whispering Waves. This look can last for days and switch between all the different styles out there. They are perfect for you.

A blonde woman modeling a curled hairstyle.


Water Sign

Unanimously dubbed the crybaby's of the zodiac and a water sign...we think water is your thing. Add in a healthy obsession with nostalgia and beach waves the perfect look for you, Cancer. You can rock them straight out of the water (we know this is your preferred way) or create "I barely even tried" waves to give off that romantic aesthetic.

A woman models a curled hairstyle.


Fire Sign

Leo's are ruled by the Sun and definitely have a "main character" mindset, but for the best reasons. You let your confidence shine and work hard, all while looking incredible. We're giving your mane an extra dose of love with Rocker Waves. Make these waves big and wild, or keep them under the radar. Either way, you know you look good.

A brunette woman modeling a heat tool used for hairstyling.


Earth Sign

Can we say detail-oriented? We know you're a dream to work with and, honestly, probably the group's mom, but your perfectionism can sometimes get in your way. We think a sleek and straight look is a perfect every day for you! Every strand of hair can be in its place without you having to worry about it.

A blonde woman models a curled hairstyle.


Air Sign

You want to make things right. That can take place in arguments, the organization of your home, but definitely in your looks. We can't put our thumb on it, but Libra aesthetics are always fire. Glam waves are the perfect look to bring out your sexy side...I mean, your ruling planet is the goddess of love Venus.

A brunette woman models a curled hairstyle.


Water Sign

Independence is your thing. Don't get us wrong, your confidence is through the roof, but never in a bragging kind of way. Relaxed waves are the perfect everyday look for you because they're just enough effort to let the world know you tried, but they also could be from five days ago. We all know how you like to keep them guessing. ;)

A brunette woman models a curled hairstyle.


Fire Sign

You may be the most welcoming of all the zodiac signs. An extrovert to the core, you're constantly on the go. Big, bouncy waves are the absolute ideal hairstyle to match your big personality. They'll always fit in with your lifestyle, and you won't have to worry about being ready for the group picture!

A blonde woman dries her hair with the BlowTYME hairdryer.


Earth Sign

You are the literal boss. Ambition lives in your bones, therefore, making every part of your daily routine efficient—That's why you should opt for a blowout. Nothing puts you in a more powerful mood than a fresh from the salon state-of-mind, even if you just did it at home. Plus, not having to worry about how bomb your hair looks will give you plenty of brain space to crush that next project.

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